Car Seat Safety

Ashley - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a mother of 2 children...and I am very particular about how they carseat fits to the child, and how it is in the carseat...and it really bothers me to see others who aren't! You childs carseat should be tight to the actual seat of the car. You should not be able to wiggle it around, and it shouldn't lean over when you turn! If you child is too far forward in a carseat, try placing a pool noodle cut into 3 pieces and taped together between the seat and the carseat and the back of the seat...this is the perfect thing to get the carseat at the correct angle! The top latch of the carseat should be even with your childs's called a chest protector...not a belly protector! If it's too low and you are in an accident, your child could go flying out the top of the carseat. The straps should not be lose either! You should be able to fit about 2 fingers between your child and the straps...not two fists! Also, just because you spend $500 on a car seat doesn't mean it's the safest, but at the same time, don't go and just buy the cheapest one, just because you don't want to spend money. Unless you know the person that has owned the carseat and you would trust this person with your childs life, it's usually best not to use a used does make a difference if they have been in an accident! This is what keeps your child safe in your car! Do some research! Sorry to ramble on and on, I just don't want to see children hurt in accidents that could be prevented!


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i totally agree..i hate seeing pictures of kids and thei straps are down to thei elbows..ughh it makes me mad...dont they realize that if you get in a crash the kid is gonna bounce around the car like a glad im not the only one

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