changed mind about having a baby after miscarrage

Michelle - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi ladies, a few months ago me and my husband were trying hard to have are second child, I got pregnant and not 2months later had a miscarrage. At first I was for trying again right away, but since gone back on birth control and now wants to wait indefinatly. I feel like it was a sign that we are not ready for another one, we are in the process of finding out if are son has a disabilty and wating to spend as much time helping him however he needs it. So what I'm asking is, is it normal and have any of you felt like this.


Elfrieda - posted on 08/07/2012




I think it's natural for a miscarriage to change your mind about things. I had it the opposite way, where I didn't feel ready for another child but we accidentally got pregnant and then I miscarried. The way we reacted to the unexpected pregnancy and how sad I was when I miscarried made me realize that we actually were ready and we started trying to have another baby.

I can see how being so concerned with your son would make you want to wait. As my mom always said, "What good's a mind if you can't change it?"


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Chaya - posted on 09/18/2012




Your solution is a good one for you. Certianly find out what your son needs first, I don't know the nature of the supsected disability, but if it's something serious, that may be a message from God to quit having children. (My parens have 7 disabled children, they didn't have time for anything)

Major disabilities include hemophillia, use of wheelchair, profound retardation, etc, not needing glasses

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