Child does not sleep and I am loosing the plot

Geraldine - posted on 07/23/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2.7 yr old has never been the best sleeper and always an early riser however recently this has got even earlier. She is awake most days from 4:10-4:40. I take her to the toilet as she shouts she wants a wee. I then take her back to bed but she will not go back to sleep and spends the next hour of so shouting and demanding. My husband won't deal with her as he has to get up around 5:15 to go to work and wants his sleep. I have tried pretty much everything but am at my wits end. I also have a 4 year old whom my little one wakes up with her screaming. The knock on effect is that her behaviour is horrific and I too am in a bad mood for the day. I have lived this nightmare for nearly 3 years and am desperate to have a proper uninterrupted nights sleep past 5am. She is fully potty trained and have tried lifting at 10/10:30 but she refuses to go. I have used for clocks, reward charts, taking things away and NOTHING seems to make a difference. Napping only takes place if she falls asleep in the car for a max of 20 mins. She attends nursery 2 full days and 3 half days too. Help help help please???


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I started sleep training when my baby was very young BUT what I did find worked almost immediately! I started with music and she always had quiet music playing in her room. As she got older we transitioned into books on CD. Shes 3 now and she knows how to switch her CD's if hers stops and she wants something different (or I do continuous play). I found that having that noise and stimulation helped keep her calm and in bed. Perhaps finding that special story or music that you can turn on might help? I also keep my kid on a schedule similar to daycare. She knows we wake up at this time, eat at this time and sleep at these times. If she doesn't listen I just simply ask are we going to listen to day or not listen? If she wants to listen we start over and try again. If she doesn't want to listen then I listen to her talk for a minute so she can express her frustration then I say something like well if you can't listen and be nice then I think today we just wont do (whatever fun activity we have planned) and I stick to what I say and follow through with it. It was hard at first and I felt mean but eventually after some time she realized all I wanted was to compromise so we could go have fun time. As for the bathroom breaks I to have my own struggles with that but more so with accidents. Sometimes we just have to be patient because reward charts and other things never worked for me of luck.

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