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The kid came up with the brilliant plan to make him a Chore Chart so that he can do chores around he house so he can get this toy he been asking me about everyday for the past two months. I was going to get it anyway because its a kit that helps him build things and he says he wants to be an architect but NOW I actually have his assistance around the house. So far he has cleaned his room, made up his bed, and organized his letter puzzle mat in alphabetical order for me. Technically all of that should fall under the "Clean Your Room" category but since he is only 4 years old he now has 3/10 stickers. Only 7 more until he earns his new toy!
Anywho... What are some chores that a 4 year old can do????


Denikka - posted on 05/25/2013




Well my 2yr old and 4 yr old help with dishes and laundry.
They load up the washer with clothes and then I get the soap for them, they dump it in and, because the washer is all preset, I let them press the button to turn it on. If we didn't have stacked machines, I'd let them move the clothes over the dryer as well.
As for dishes, we have a dishwasher. One of the adults load it up and puts the soap in, but we generally let one of the kid press the button to start it. And my 2 year old LOVES to unload the dishes when they're done. She can pretty much unload and put them all away completely by herself.

Other things to do would be yard work (pulling weeds, raking the lawn, that sort of thing), when I was 4 I used to love to vacuum, clearing and setting the table, dusting, and of course general cleaning up of toys and that sort of thing. :)

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