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Melanie - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 16 moms have responded )




So, our son has started climbing out of his crib and luckily hasn't hurt himself (we have hardwood floors). We lowered his crib and he still escaped.

Last night when I put him to bed he escaped twice.

What do we do? Do we try a tent or is it time for a toddler bed? I'm resisting the toddler bed transition for some reason. And, once you do the toddler bed transition, how do you keep him in bed?? I'm afraid of him wandering at night while we're sleeping.


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Lexi - posted on 01/16/2011




We switched my son to a mattress on the floor at 15 months because he was already climbing out. We were afraid of him rolling out of a toddler bed and didn't have money for one anyways. It was technically "early" for ditching the crib, but as the doctor put it; better that he wander around his room and fall asleep in the toy box, then break a bone falling out of the crib. Torsten has actually done really well staying in his bed though. His room is all baby proofed any ways. Some nights he cries and bangs on his door but we just go in, tuck him back in bed and tell him it's time to go to sleep and he does. It's been nice in the mornings, cuz if he wakes up, but he isn't hungry yet, he just plays in his room for awhile and I get to sleep more! He doesn't know how to open doors yet but you could put a baby lock on the inside of your sons door to keep him from wandering the house at night. Good luck!

ETA: just read through the replies and saw you decided to do a toddler bed. Does he love his big boy bed? How's it going for you?

Sally - posted on 01/13/2011




I switched from crib to twin bed with all 3 of my kids at about 15-18 months or so.. We put the rail along the side so they wouldn't roll out. Did really worry about them walking around at night they usually don't get up in the middle of the night and if they do its to use the bathroom. The gate is a good idea if you are worried about him walking around and getting hurt. Our kids are 7,6, and 3..Good luck and I'm sure what ever you decide he will be fine.

Jenn - posted on 01/12/2011




If your baby can climb out, then it's time for a big kid bed. At 18 months, my son began climbing out and so we got him a toddler bed. He was the type who didn't want to stay in his bed at first but I'd just keep putting him back to bed until he stayed there. As for the wandering around, I put a baby gate outside his door so he couldn't escape at night. After a few nights, he got the idea and has been sleeping in there since. He's now 3.

Ryder - posted on 01/12/2011




I would say do the big boy bed. I started with a matress on the floor to avoid him rolling out. Or get one with sides or the car beds are cool. To keep him in all night I used treats. Something he really loves will be a little treat with breakfast but ONLY if he stays in bed like a big boy . Or you could try the sticker board where if he gets so many stay in bed stickers in a row he gets a treat.

Karen - posted on 01/12/2011




I've just dealt with this same exact issue a couple months ago, he was 22 months. He kept getting out and I really was afraid of putting him in a toddler bed in case he got up during the night. I also wondered how he would stay put once I put him to bed.
I put a toddler bed in his room with the crib still in there. The first few nights were hard. He kept trying to get me to lay with him, I did at first until he just kept saying it "mama sleep" over and over after I tried leaving. I had to just keep saying stuff like "I have to go put Julia to bed now" and just be firm... "Mommy's going downstairs". He got up a few times crying at the door and I brought him back to bed again and again. I kept distracting him with stuff like his cars, let him have a few (or a whole bucketful lol) in bed. Got him a new Cars bedset. He eventually gave up on asking me to lay and now it's so easy to just put him in bed with his blankets and cars. He actually likes to go to bed more now than he did in the crib. I seriously anticipated it being much harder. The first few nights is going to be tough but if you are consistant and firm about it he'll get the idea.

Mina - posted on 01/11/2011




Climbing out of the crib can be very dangerous, you've gotta switch over to the toddler bed. We put a gate at our daughter's door so she doesnt roam around if she gets up first. I leave a sippy cup of water on her table. She plays and we usually hear her before long.

Adora - posted on 01/11/2011




My son started to do that when he was around 15 months old,, the dr said that its his way of saying he was ready for a "big boy bed". We let him pick out his bed and put one side up against the wall and the other side we put up toddler rails,, He never climbed out of it again, the dr was right. He loved his big boy bed. Its just the childs way of saying im growing up and im ready for the next step. :)) Good luck.

Janessa - posted on 01/10/2011




That's always an interesting transition. My kids didn't wander at night, in fact the first couple times they were in a bed they stayed in it perfectly, it wasn't until they found their new freedom that they would get out, but that was just when we first put them in bed, not in the middle of the night. We just kept putting them back, and stayed firm on that. They just need to know their limits. Every new transition can be a little scary at first, but in the end isn't so bad. My middle child was climbing out of the crib very early, my first I didn't even know she could until after we put her in a bed, and she'd climb in with him. We actually still kept our middle child in the crib until at least almost 2, in spite of him climbing out. But he would only climb out after he woke up usually, not when we put him to bed, so we could generally trust that he'd be okay, he was predictable and so that made it easier. Do what you are comfortable with.

Adriana - posted on 01/10/2011




Oh it's very easy to keep him in a toddler bed. Once he steps a foot off his bed, correct him.

Pick him up or walk him over holding his hand and put him back. He will tired out and give up. Believe me.... I have a very stubborn child.

Now, when I pull that bottle out, he runs to his bed, climbs in and lays himself down. 15mins later he's in dream land!

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my son started climbing out too and what we did was get a couple risers and put them under the base of the crib and then lowered the base onto that. i find it works because it's high enough that his fingers don't get stuck and he can't climb out.

Julie - posted on 01/05/2011




when my daughter was 11 months she through herself out of her cot so i got the lowest smallest bed i could find and put her in that. i put the cot mattress at the side incase she fell out because i didnt want her climbing over a guard and falling further than necessary and hurting herself. i then got an extra safety gate and put one on the top of the stairs and the other on the bathroom door so she could then crawl around and into me when she wanted. i would get up and find her on the floor next to my bed or she would wake me up and i would take her in with us or back to her own bed but i never had any bother with her. she hated the cot and would scream to get out. so long as you make things as safe as humanly possible without padding the walls ha ha there is no reason why you cant put your toddler in a bed.

Emily - posted on 01/05/2011




We just transitioned our 18 month old twins to toddler beds (converted their cribs to the toddler bed setup), as my daughter was just about climbing out - I lived in fear of a big "thud" so decided I would deal with little thuds! We also have hardwood and it really worried me. Anyway, to give you a little encouragement, it went WAY better than expected! I think we got really lucky, but the first night they cried and were up for 20 minutes, after that all was quiet and I went in to check and both were asleep in their beds. The second night and subsequent two nights there has been a little fussing, but not much, and that was it. They fell out a few times, but we put pillows beside the opening between the toddler rail and the end, and they barely seem to notice. We also close the door, but just in case they figure out the knob I make sure all other doors on our second floor are shut and the gate at the top of the stairs is securly closed. Our bedroom door is open in case they do get out, so that would hopefully be where they would head, in which case we know they are up and straight back to bed! Naps were another story, the first day was a disaster, two hours of running wild even though we kept going up to put them into bed. Second day we took turns staying in with them to make sure they stayed in bed, and after 20 minutes, both were fast asleep. Then it was back to daycare, so we'll see about this weekend, LOL! Good luck with the transition!

Melanie - posted on 01/05/2011




After reading about crib tent deaths we've decided to transition to the toddler bed. We're waiting until we don't have to get up for work the next day:) Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Crystal - posted on 01/04/2011




It's time for a big boy bed def. If you are afraid of jim wondering at night you could always put a baby gate up to insure his safety. You just have to keep putting him back in bed. He will learn he has to stay there, not saying it's going to be easy but if you stay strong he will eventually stay there. With every new thing they tend to test their boundaries.

Katherine - posted on 01/04/2011




Take out the boxspring and just put the mattress on the floor lol. My daughter just did the exact same thing. We were sitting there dumb founded. Finally a light bulb clicked and I said, "take out the boxspring." Anyways he won'y be crawling out after that ;)

Jeneva - posted on 01/03/2011




You can try the tent first but if he wants to get out he will be able to unzip it and climb out. You may just need to switch him. You can't keep him in the bed, he will have to learn it for himself. The first night in a toddler bed, I found our daughter sleeping on the floor. But after that, she slept in the bed. However, all toys had to come out of her room otherwise it would just make her stay up. This is just my experience, I know others have not had that issue. As for wandering you can do a couple things. We just close the bedroom door. When she would open it we would do the super nanny thing and put her back to bed with just a kiss, nothing more and after a little while she got it. Other people I know just put up a gate at the door, that just would not have worked in our particular home (too much light and distractions). Good luck, I know this is not a fun time. Honestly, bedtime wasn't terrible. Naptime was. Pretty much after that, naps stopped. I hope that isn't the case for you.

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