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Veronica - posted on 08/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I recently moved in an apartment upstairs, my boyfriend, my son and i. Our downstairs neighbor keeps complaining to the office saying we much noise, they know we have a son and try to blame.the noise on him, and constantly bang on da ceiling. we barely lived there a month and already jave a lease violation. the downstairs neighbor came up to our door one night and said why are we.constantly makin noise purposly, and threatened us. the my boyfriend went up to the office and told them what happened and they said they anything about it but if they do anything the police. the 2nd day we were moving in they were already complaining so we asked.the people in the office if we can transfer to another.apartment, they said no not until our lease is up. the neighbors bang constantly no matter what time we are home. my boyfriend and full time jobs our son is either with or his other Grandma 5 day of the week. they bang on the ceiling when we vacuum, my boyfriend and his dad were just.talkin in the living room, not to mension we still havnt got a tv.put in our living room and she banged on the ceiling cuz they were talkin to loud. my boyfriends once tossed his phone on the bed and it bouncef off and hit the floor and there they go banging once.again. we bately got washer and dryers put in and maintenance had to unplug them because of a leak and said they would be back to fix it, and we werent home when came back and the next day.we got a call from the office sayin our neighbors complained bevause there was excessive noise yesterday. they bang for every little noise my 2 year old son even tries to tip toe around the house. he even gets.scared sometimes. how do u tell a 2 year old not to jump or run, even when they dont do it as much anyways. its a shame how we've asked several times to be transferred nd they.say no but keep calling us because we have another complain and for us to not let our son run and jump. my family and i.feel like were being harrassed. and the manager doesnt want anything about it. the neighbors even called the cops and said they work at night so they try to sleep during the day,.but when are we suppose to live in our own home and.they bang during the well at night so when do they work. we cant live.according to the schedule cause then we woyldnt be living, and were arent fully living anyways because of them. I havnt even put pictures on my.wall because I know there gonna complain,.and thats a shame how we have to watch what were doing just do they.wont complain. so i.wanna kno what we.can do to fix this issue ?


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Leah - posted on 08/30/2012




this is just aweful. These people are so rude, thinking the world revovles around them or something. it is pitiful that your son cant has to be scared to walk. I would call the police and file a report and every time the complain and start banging i would call the police again and again until they finally do something about those dang tenants. That is ridiculous and it is pitiful that your landlord is allowing all of this to happen i would put that in the police report also and if that doesn't work find something wrong with the apartment complex and call the health department nearby fight fire with fire if he is that bad of a landlord he must have some problems with his apartments

Janice - posted on 08/28/2012




Im sorry your neighbors are such assholes. I would complain to management every time they bang and say they make too much noise. Or just ignore their banging and live your life. If they come to your door dont answer or do answer and get their threats on tape and go to the police.

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