Confused and nervous for my nephew

VM - posted on 12/19/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, my 3 years old nephew just became numb and kept staring in one direction last night.. When we noticed it we tried to make him look at us but he didn't respond. We all got panicked and thought we've almost lost him as he turned pale and lips turned dry and dark. I kept trying to awaken him and respond but he seemed to have gone into something scary.. I then gave him mouth to mouth respiration and it helped a bit and he moved.. We then rushed him to pediatric emergency in the nearest hospital. There they checked his sugar level and did ECG too, along with RFT and blood gases tests etc which all were perfectly OK. But then we also met a pediatric neurologist who suggested that it was a seizure basis symptoms we told him. And he asked for MRI And EEG. These both tests are due as the toddler is down with fever and EEG may not be possible. I'm unable to sleep or relax ever since then. Can done kind soul pls suggest what it cud be ur anyone can share if they had a similar experience. Can a child sleep with open eyes or can a minor seizure happen during fevers? Thanks in anticipation


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