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Kathleen - posted on 04/24/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




From the time my son wakes up to the time he goes to bed all that comes out of his mouth is constant whining, crying, and having fits. He is 3 1/2 years old and is fine health wise besides tubes in his ears. I don't know what to do, I feel like crying with him. He wakes up at night crying and having fits. I'm seriously thinking of taking him to the doctor and seeing if they can figure something out. Anyone have any suggestions, I need this whining to stop. Everything is just crying and temper tantrums over the dumbest stuff. Please help.


Kathleen - posted on 04/24/2013




Every child is different, with different temperments. Maybe he didn't get enough sleep or hungry, or just doesn't feel well (being he wakes up at night also, could lean toward nightmares). How long has this behavior gone on? What is going on in the household that may distrub him? Daycare? Make an appointment with his doctor just to do a check up to ensure it is not a physical matter, yet also look at the childs schedule and daily life events. At almost 4 you can communicate with him by perhaps asking him if he hurts, or just say, "Mommy feels to sad when you cry, what can I do to help make it go away so you are a happy boy?" You maybe surprised at what he tells you.

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I would have him checked out by the doctor to rule out any medical issues. Once that gets ruled out and if it seems more like habit for him then I would work on that. My rule is you can cry and whine as much as you like, BUT you must do it IN YOUR ROOM. Once you come out of your room then the crying and whining stops or I will put you back in your room. For talking in a whiny voice I will say "I don't understand you when you need to talk like a big boy." Then I go on with whatever I am doing ignoring the whiny voice. Once he talks in a big boy voice I respond right away. At first there may be more crying and more whining as he is used to doing that and having you respond. Once he figures out that that is not going to work anymore it will get less and less, but you do have to stay strong and be consistent. Again rule out any medical issues first.


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Krista Lynn - posted on 04/26/2013




Time-outs really do work! My 4 yr old is a challenge everyday, lastnight she was sent to her bedroom right after supper at 6 and acctually stayed their the rest of the night with the excepotion of 2 bathroom trips.

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My 5yr old kicks and cries in his sleep...It is terrible and loud. It upsets my two other children. I do not know how to deal with it or how to stop it.

Suzie - posted on 04/25/2013




I find it humerous that people on here have suggested medical issues, emotional disturbances in the home etc. over a whining child... Some kids are whiners... just plain out whiners for no reason except that its their personality.

I know... I was one... and I now have one! haha I remember the look of exhaustion on my mother's face after the endless whining and in my case negotiating. My daughter does the same exact thing. I really don't think anything is wrong. Is he a perfectionist or fairly particular how he likes things done or not done? I think that often times is associated with whining.

My daughter is the same age and we go through bad weeks and good weeks but I often tell her "try again" until she can say things without whining. If she is asking for something while whining, I ignore her until she can ask when she isn't whining, I've tried a whining jar, sent her to her room when I have had my fill, etc. When she is being particular, like I put her blueberries in her yogurt and she wanted them on the side. I ask how she would like to fix it. Then typically she is so focused on "fixing my mistake" that she stops whining haha

I don't know what the solution is really but I just hate when people on here make comments about all these disorders. My daughter has an amazing vocabulary and is extremely smart. She has the ability to communicate just fine, she just chooses to whine a lot.

Jennifer - posted on 04/24/2013




My son is doing the same. Actually just posted something similar. Wish I knew something that would help, but at least we aren't alone. :-) Good luck!

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