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Hi, I have 2 1/2 year old twins and in the last 2 - 3 weeks one has had constipation on and off. She is a picky eater (her sister eats anything). Her diet is usually oatmeal for breakfast along with cereal ( like Kix or cheerios or chex...) lunch is usually Yoplait yogurt, crackers, banana, sometimes a fruit cereal bar. Dinner varies. She drinks alot of milk and water throughout the day (enough liquids between the two to sometimes wet through her diaper in about an hour). What can I give her to help the constipation or to help so she doesn't seem to get it as much. This is just recent though, its not something that has been common with her.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice you can offer.


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Kristy - posted on 06/17/2011




Eating foods high in fibre will help. Changing some of the milk for water can help to as dairy is known to constipate children. Lots of physical activity such as running, swimming and just being a kid is good as the movement and exercise helps to get the food through the intestines. Also prune juice is awesome for constipation, if bub don't like it u can water it down or add it to milk or something she likes. Apricot nectar is also ment to be really good too. Good luck, hope it stops soon :)

Nete - posted on 06/17/2011




our daughter had terrible issues w constipation .. dairy could be your problem.... we had to eliminated all cow products and use almond milk (soy can cons. too) carrots bananas, apples and oats are also on the list to exchange for pears, broccoli, cauliflower, flax seed oil ...keep her diet high in fiber ..if you live close to and IKEA they sell ''swedish rye bread'' in cartons easy to make (but do stir the batter in a bawl over shaking it as the instructions suggest ..its easier and gets mixed better) anyways its '' black rye bread and very high in fiber ...we use it everyday for sandwich lunch bread ...makes a huge difference ! also swimming!!! during the summer we can take her off miralax because she gets to move her body in all the right ways to get it passed thru the intestines... / so ...swimming, Swedish rye bread, fiber rich diet of luck NN

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