Daycare issues 2 year old?

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Ok here's the background info...

my son is 2 years old. He has been going to an in home daycare for over a year. She cannot watch him anymore due to the fact that her daughters are having babies at the same time.

So we did some research and found a daycare center close to home.

My son has only gone for 5 days and I already want to take him elsewhere.

1. They cannot tell me what he has done for the day (potty, food, naps...) b/c his teacher is gone for the day by the time I get there.

2. He has food, dirt and dried boogies on his face on a daily basis.

3. His shirt was soiled from lunch and they didn't change it even though I sent a spare.

4. They tell me he's not eating, but when I drop him off for breakfast all the kids are feeding themselves. He still needs a little help getting started, and i don't think they are doing that.

5. He acts attention deprived when he gets home wanting me to hold him all night.

6. He got sick the first week with fever, runny nose and cough.

Am I wrong for wanting to switch providers?


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I don't think you're wrong for that at all. As I was reading your post I was getting angry for you. I have had my kids in daycare before, as well as being a daycare provider in the past. All of those things you have listed are completely unacceptable!! I would start interviewing other daycares asap. Good luck to you.


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i would swap defiantly! my son is 2 yrs 7 mths and has been at his daycare since the day after his second bday! there is a carer swap at least twice (he goes 2 days) in the morning he usually has one carer and about 1/2 hr after i drop him off his primary (team leader of his room) carer takes over and at lunch the second carer (depending on how many kids there is) comes in but there is always a hr or so that he has both and they communicate thru a chart on the wall for parents to see when they are picked up but also "in house" notes that only the carers see. when my partner picks up our son he is informed what kind of day he has had and if there has been any "incedents" ie biting or pushing we sign a form acknowledging that we are aware of the incident. but i can call at anytime or even stop by and observe from a distance if we like. also notes or written communications are very much encouraged ie tom had a bad weekend as he was sick or and excellent weekend and will be a little hyper for the sickness it comes with every daycare as all kids get sick and its just a germ factory and no matter how much disinfectant is used it always goes around and as frustrating as it is you cant stop it!

good luck and keep us posted

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