Dealing with a 3 year old's bad attitude

Jessica - posted on 03/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am sure there have been other posts about this same topic. But we need some new ideas to try to change our little boy's attitude. We have tried being calm, we tried ignoring temper tantrums, we tried time outs, we tried earlier bed times, we tried rewards, we've even spanked. Nothing seems to phase him!
He takes toys from other kids, doesn't share when they want to play with him, pushes and hits other kids, including his little 8th month old sister. He has started going to a pre school program for a few hours each week, and they have had behavior problems there, to the point of carrying him to the bus because he throws such a bad tantrum when its time to leave. The most recent display was just the other day we took the kids to an easter activity put on by the local college, there were games, crafts, and an egg scramble, everyone having a good time, but our little guy...just stood there with a pout on his face and would not participate in anything, even at the egg scramble wouldn't pick up an egg. Another mom came over and put a couple eggs in his basket for him. I know she meant well, but realIy if he didnt get any eggs it was his own fault! I was so embarassed by his behavior!!! I love to take my kids to fun events and get them out doing fun things, but his attitude is starting to discourage me!! Anyone have any ideas???? Please help!!


Michelle - posted on 03/28/2013




When you try all the different strategies how long do you try them for? You would be better off picking one style and sticking to it, by changing all the time you just create confusion.

If it was my toddler standing there with a pout of her face we would have just gone home. If they don't want to participate then we don't stay. I also make sure I give my children a warning before we leave somewhere where they are having fun. Let them know they have 10 mins, 5 mins, 2 mins. That way it's not having a great time 1 min then having to leave the next.

You need to be consistent so find a type of discipline that suits you and keep at it.

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