Delayed speech

Ami - posted on 08/12/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




My child turns 2 this month. He use to do a. Lot of rocking back and forth, flapping arms and hands. He still does a little of all that now. Hes always had trouble sleeping and waking up in the night and been an early riser. Hes had tons of ear infections. He now walks, runs and stands on his tippy toes and repetitively hits one or both ears all the time. Sometimes while making a weird sound. The biggest concern to the doctors was his speech delay he is in early access and prob is gonna be in speech therapy soon. He also got recommended to a developmental pediatrician. Well early access gives me exercises to do with my child. One is to look at books with him and make sounds and see if he will repeat it. Been doing it for weeks now. Thought he wasnt doing it with me cuz i was momma so had my boyfriend try and no such luck. He wont point to the pics or look for the animals im talking about but sometimes he quietly will listen but acts like he dont understands and then gets frusterated. He has a fav show that i let him watch a lot and its the only show ive seen him do it with but this particular show is the only one ive seen him repeat things from. He repeats what they say sometimes and then u never hear it again. Has anyone ever had a toddler do this type of behavior?

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