Desperate:3yr daughter is hyper 24-7 & wont listen at all.

Taylor - posted on 01/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 3 about to be 4, she is behind in speech , i had a normal , healthy pregnancy with her. But i never thought i would be this stressed or struggling this much with just her behavior. She is one of the happiest kids i know, im very grateful for that & would never want that to go away. She is off the walls hyper from when she wakes up in the morning to at night when its a fight to put her to bed. She knows right from wrong but she still does whats wrong & then crys when she gets time out. Idk if she has ADD or ADHD, ive been told by so many people they think she has it but there not drs and i dont want to accept that i think. Even telling her 'go sit down please i will be right there" she does not listen at all,even that is a fight. Please my fellow mothers, I need advice before i take her to the dr. I just dont know what to do anymore and i dont want to have to medicate her if shes is diagnosed with something. PLEASE HELP!!! :0/


Ev - posted on 01/03/2013




You do need to take her to her doctor and get her checked out. Tell him what she is doing and how its affecting the home. Have you just started to tell her no when she does things? Have you just started to do discipline? There are a number of things going on that we can't see from the boards here. My suggestion is to take her to the doctor. She can get tested and then treated. IF she does have ADD or ADHD there might be other options that meds the doctor can suggest. Not everyone just medicates. But only her doctor can tell you that.

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