DESTRUCTIVE 2yr. old girl:HELP!!

Yolande - posted on 10/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a stay-at home mom/wife with 4 girls. All are in school except our baby girl, Laila, who turned two in August. She has been my toughest case, maybe because she knows she's my LAST baby. LoL She is really showing a LOT of destructive behavior as she ages. Instead of playing, she throws them and breaks them. She finds delight in seeing things break, and fall. Of course most of you know, most toddlers don't want to be spoon fed. Well, she eats really well, but will often throw food against the wall or pour yogurt/applesauce on her head in delight! She thinks it's hilarious. She's stubborn and hard headed (but so darn cute). I put bows/beads in her hair and dress her up...well, she tears them off, sticks them in her ears/nose/mouth, etc...I can't dress her up, let her play on her own, eat by herself because I know it's gonna be MESSY. What can I do to channel her energy and help deter her mischievous behavior? btw, I have all girls, all mostly dainty, so she's not getting it from any brothers:)

Thanks for your help.



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Oh my word!!!! My daughter is 19mo and very active and boyishly naughty - I hope she doesn't get to that stage.
Are you perhaps less strict coz she's ur last?? Maybe u need to be a lil bit more firm with her(just a thought). Take heart and try to enjoy motherhood,with all the DRAMA!

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Hattie - posted on 11/14/2012




Your the only post I can relate to!!!! lol right now I'm desperatly searching for ideas while she is behind me on the floor.... I gave her a pile of pennies and a piggy bank, got the idea on here of course :) she was putting the pennies in the piggy bank for 30 seconds but now shes just throwing the pennies lol....

also I so know what you mean about eating. My hubby found out something that works: When you sit her down to eat, give her the spoon and then tell her NO MESS. When she makes a mess, or plays with her food and doesn't eat, then take the spoon away, endure the screaming and ignore it. Calmy tell her that you are going to feed her and she is going to take a bite. Once you tackle that, show her how you don't make a mess when you feed her. Then let her try again. praise her for every cleanish bite. As soon as she gets destructive take the spoon away. If she throws a massive tantrum, keep calm and completely ignore her unitl she calms down. then repeat.

As for the destructive behavior, Again I can relate. I find what has really worked for me is: Get her tired :) Take her for a long walk, make her play outside for at least one hour, snow, rain, or shine. Just make sure that she is bundled. Then, my second thing is keep her fed and watered throughout the day. Constantly giving her snacks and drinks. When it comes to activites, I had to literally confront myself on my lack of enthusiasm. I always have a million things on the go and I have a REALLY HARD TIME just focusing on my daughter and playing. I get bored within seconds! I guess I had to just realize that being a mother is a JOB and its what I have to do, being her shadow is my job and its the most important job. If I put her needs FIRST I find my day is easier to handle. Of course, no chores get done lol. But that can hapen at nap time or bedtime. Its tuff I know, but they only get one childhood right?

I alos realized that messes can be ok, yes even HUGE messes, if it keeps her really busy for a long time then yay! Just lay a huge old sheet down on a non carpet floor lol, before you paint or playdough, or watever, then have a bathr eady so you can simply wrap up the mess and throw it in the laundry then put her in the tub :)

One more valuable peice of advice, make your home like a daycare. Baby proofed. Nothing within her reach that will make a mess or wreck soemthing or be dangerous. I've never had to do this with my other kids until this one, its worth it though. hang in there... i have to run my 2 yr old is trying to eat pennies :D

Rosanna - posted on 10/27/2010




OMG! I just want to say; I COMPLETLEY UNDERSTAND...what you are going through, I have the same situation w/my daughter...They are so cute,but looks do fool a person! :D

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