diabetic caregiver drinking alcohol & driving?

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Long story short: Would you be okay with a diabetic grandmother (a very petite woman) driving your 18-month old after having one or two mixed drinks at dinner?

My MIL is a Type-1 diabetic who has struggled with diabetic attacks her whole life, including several since my 18-month old daughter was born. We have concerns about her watching our daughter, especially when she drives her. The deal is that she has to test her blood before driving with our daughter and text or call every hour with an update on her blood sugar level. After a recent attack, the only reason we let her watch our daughter again was because she starting wearing a monitor that would alert her if her sugar started to drop. I recently discovered she stopped wearing the monitor. I think my husband knew, but neglected to tell me.

She often wants to take my daughter to dinner, but I know that she orders at least one (and sometimes two) chocolate martinis when she eats out. The woman has a high alcohol tolerance, but I am still concerned about the affect the alcohol will have on her diabetes. And honestly, I'd still be uncomfortable with her driving my daughter after one or two mixed drinks even if she didn't have diabetes.

My husband says I'm overreacting. I don't feel I am.

Her diabetic attacks consist of her basically becoming catatonic. They have happened as quickly as 15 minutes.

My husband says I'm overreacting.

Am I overreacting?


Michelle - posted on 05/26/2017




I am wondering why she wants to take an 18mo to dinner.
Do you need her to look after your daughter? Do you have to leave your daughter alone with her? If so, maybe look at other babysitting options.

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