Diarrhea in a 4 year old and what to feed one with it..

Choly - posted on 01/22/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 4 year old daughter just started having diarrhea and vomiting tonite.. I think she may have the rotavirus seeing she has all the symptoms (very liquidy diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, low grade fever and stomach cramping) and it is also peak season for it as well.. That and her two cousins just got over something similiar.. I am going to the store first thing in the morning (along with calling her pediatrician).. any tips on what to feed a child with diarrhea? What works and doesn't work? I am definatly picking up pedialyte for fluids that is for sure. I apprieciate it, thank you. Also, should tylenol be avoided for the low grade fever?

- choly


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Emmeline - posted on 12/17/2012




them fluid drinks to rehydrate kids dont work taste disuisting once when i had that because i had sick bug i drunk it an it cam back up because my body reacted to it didnt work not worth buying it just try to keep fluids up an once diahhrea stops drink lucozade its good for you as my mum was a nurse it does work the orignal better got all the goodness in it u can drink the orange one.

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My kids chew on crushed ice chips when really sick like you are describing and they couldnt keep any food or liquid in them. They did not like the taste of pedialyte, and it would just come out when they drank it. I found the ice chips went down slower and at least I was getting something into them i.e. a little bit of hydration. I also had one of those really big medicine syringe dispensers. I would fill it with water or some liquid they liked and slowly dispense it into the inside of their cheek. Again, so it slowly went down and hopefully stayed down. As far as solid food I let them munch on some Cheerios or plain crackers. Nothing too complicated that would upset their stomachs. Good luck. I hope she feels better really soon.

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I just feed my kids whatever they will eat.... w/in reason, of course.

Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and yogurt are good things to give her. Steer away from milk and meat.

Danielle - posted on 01/23/2011




For diarrhea I would push Pedialyte as much as possible (to avoid dehydration).

Some people may suggest things like Jello or frozen treats but I would steer away from those as the sugar content can aggravate stomach problems like Diarrhea. Avoid fruit juices or jello water. They often aggravate the diarrhea because of the high sugar content and they don't contain the right balance of salts to correct losses of salt in diarrhea. Also do not give water alone for rehydration, because it lacks salt and sugar that the child needs.

Also with a low grade fever I wouldn't medicate with Tylenol unless she is noticeable uncomfortable. I would try to restrict it to bedtime and naps to help her get some rest if she is in some pain from the diarrhea.

You can try giving her a warm bath, and make sure that she is properly covered in warm (not heavy) clothes. If she is put in excessively warm clothes or blankets it could spike the fever by increasing the body temperature. You want her to be warm, but also giving her body the means to cool herself down. A fever is a bodies way of dealing with infection.

It sounds like a little stomach bug. Most Diarrhea is stemmed from bacterial infections.
I would wait another day and if her fever hasn't come down then take her to a doctor.
Hope this helps.

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