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My 4 yr old daughter is becoming so argumentative and difficult. What is normal behavior and what is not? She will argue with me about the simplest of things until I become frustrated and snap at her. It is like she is deliberately trying to push me to my breaking point. Any advice? We do time outs and removing privelages as punishment. My breaking point is usually when I end up yelling, which I am not proud of doing.


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This is a trying age and I would just reward the good behavior.
I mean, you hope children will behave kindly all the time, but she is well within the age of a "testing her boundaries" stage.
Did you go through the terrible 2's?
If not =) you might be getting them now.
I know my daughter started her terrible 2's at almost 4. She was a LOVELY 2 year old, now she is 18 and I'm going cRaZy with her... sigh... good heart, but very strong willed, anyhow, that's another story.

Charts were my best friend when my kids were young.
I had charts that basically laid out chores & good behavior and then an incentive for having so many stars on the chart at the end of the week.
Just take a poster board and make a grid for the month and set up her responsibilities, make them short and simple tasks.. goals she can obtain.

It can be a very trying time and it takes a little more effort to find workable solutions, but creativity goes a long way with a little girl!

Have fun! =)

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