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I have a little boy turning 2 in July. I feel that I am falling, miserably. Should my son be talking more, what should I be doing to teach him correctly? How do I teach him things ? My husband says he should be communicating better, my step son did not throw as many tantrums, he says. I don't know what I'm trying to say, other than where in the education process should my son be at 22 months old?

Tantrums in public, we don't go out much at all is that why he gets so upset when its time to leave the park? Am I suppose to be embarrassed by it ?Tantrums at home over the silly things.

I am a stay at home mom, I feel like he should be progressing faster, I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Am I lagging behind, should he be any farther along because I'm home all day . Any thought would help.


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Most boys of his age talk some but not with a lot of words as yet and a lot of girls do the same thing. They do two or three word sentences and you have to stop and consider that they are still learning at 2 years old and he is not two yet. Since he does not have the expanded vocabulary that is needed to tell you what he wants, how he feels, and so on; he uses those tantrums to do so. But you must stay consistent in how you handle them so if you leave because he is having a fit, then leave but at the same time explain to him that is why you are leaving. If it is time to go, remind him that you were there for a while but now you have something else to do. Do not keep him at home all the time because of fits. He will not ever learn how to behave in public if you hold him at home. He will only know mom, dad and siblings and a few other members of the family.

As for the process of learning to speak, there is not one perfect way to teach him to talk. Just keep on talking to him like you do any adult or older child and make sure its not baby talk. When he points to something get him to tell you what the item is, have him learn to use please and thank you (I work with two year olds and they can learn to say these), repeat words to items so he associates them together, also at this age he can understand when you ask him to come to you , to do something, and to stop. He just has not learned to say them as yet. And the words for his feelings are going to come later. But you can use simple terms like: I know you are happy, sad, angry, mad, etc to reenforce what he is trying to get across.


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As far as him learning more words and speaking more try some phone apps? I used/use them with my now 5 year old daughter and she loves them. I use one that has stories and songs and games on it that are exciting for her to use, and educational! (Play Kids, Wheels on the Bus, and my favourite; Best Kids Songs and Stories), try these out and google some others, they can be really helpful!

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