Do little boys cry more then little girls?

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My son whines all the time about little stuff, but when he actually gets hurt he doesnt cry. My husband gets frustrated about it but we are still learning. I just dont understand.


Jakethia - posted on 08/22/2010




I think little girls cry more than little boys. I have six boys and when they was little baby or toddle they didn't cry as much. If, you give your son everything he want all the time, that make him want to cry, if he don't get something he want from you, then he gone to cry about it, because he use to having his way. Kayle try not to spoil your so too much and don't let him have his way, but I wish you the best with your son.

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After 10 years of working full time in child care. There is no difference.

It is really all about the personality of the child and our reactions to them.

The biggest mistake we make (and we don't do it intentionally) is negatively reinforcing the behaviour (the whining). In other words we accidentally encourage the whining because in some way the child gets what they want.

My son gets really whiny when he wants his Daddy's attention. It drives my husband bonkers. He couldn't figure out why our son would only bug and whine at him until one day I was watching it happen.

My husband was sitting with his lap top in his lap and reading something. Our son comes up and starts pestering him. Dad just tells him to go play. He leaves and comes back and gets more in the way. Dad tells him to go play. He stands there and starts whining.

A couple of minutes go by and then my husband closes his lap top up and puts it away and grabs our son and starts tickling and bouncing him.

The next day the same scenario played out.

My husband had inadvertently reinforced our son to whine at him to get him to play with him.

We found we had a few more other quirks in behaviour management that we had to fix, but sometimes we just don't realize what we are doing or have done.

How did we stop the whining from the above situation? We taught our son how to ask for things using baby sign language and the words he does say. My husband now also makes an effort to play with our son first before opening up his lap top.

As a parent and as a child care provider, the biggest reason kids whine or act up is to get our attention. It's up to us to figure out how to make sure they are getting enough positive attention so they won't resort to the negative methods of gaining it AND up to us to be more observant that we aren't accidentally reinforcing the behaviour that is driving us bonkers.

I hope that brings some understanding.


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Christina - posted on 08/22/2010




My girl cryed more than my son ever did , but i see some babies that hardly cry at all i think it is all in how the kid is and there all so diffrent .

Karri - posted on 08/22/2010




My son never cried as a baby! He was the best baby ever! now that he is 7 he never ever cries and never did as he got older unless he got I think it depends on the child not the sex of the child ...:D

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