Does any of you have a nanny/baby sitter for your toddlers?

Jane Andrea - posted on 09/15/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm thinking of installing an app in the babysitter's phone (of course will have to get her permission since she's not my own kids) but basically just for me to monitor her being at where she needs to be when I'm not around.



Chet - posted on 09/15/2014




I think it really depends on how you frame things up. If you make it sound like you don't trust the babysitter to be where she is supposed to be it could make it difficult to develop a good relationship with her. If you're just interested in gathering information about your child's day in a non-invasive way, and you make it clear that this is about you, not her, it might be fine.

I do see all sorts of potential problems though. Are you going to have a heart attack if her purse/phone gets forgotten on a bus or stolen or if the battery dies and her phone shuts off? What if she has to take a different route somewhere because of detour, or what if there is some sort of emergency and plans have to change? What if she forgets the phone when they go out? Or what if she just doesn't want to take her phone to the park because she won't be checking it while she's there and it could get broken when she's playing with your toddler?

Maybe you want her to let you know if there is any chance in plans, even a minor one, but with a tracking app she'll have to text you before you see the change with the app... which could mean there are lots of times when she's texting you or calling you instead of actually dealing with the situation at hand.

There are people who use these apps and are really happy with them, but you need to be careful. The best thing is always to leave your child in the care of someone you trust... and not just someone you trust to execute a previously agreed upon plan, but that you trust to make good decisions on the fly. They get to the park and it's muddy, so they go to playground with a gravel surface. It starts to rain so they go to the library. They get to the library and story time is cancelled, but they go with the other moms and kids to a cafe with a play area.

Speaking as someone with four kids, our plans are constantly evolving as circumstances change. You should have a baby sitting you trust to do the best thing for your child, but to follow a rigid plan.

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