Does anyone have a child that see's ghosts?

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My 2 year old is constantly telling me that we have to get out of the house b/c the devil is coming. I'll ask him where the devil is while he's saying it to me, and he'll always point somewhere and he's always very persistent.

I also have a 6 year old that spoke of similar things in our old house which was about 6-7months ago.

They do not sleep in the same room, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this before.


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Children are more sensitive to the energies around them than adults are.
You could do many things depending on your beliefs. I would suggest a cleansing ritual. Depending on your faith, it can be done in many ways according to your religion.
If you are Christian, you can have a priest come in and bless your home. It's not an uncommon thing to do and many people do it regardless of whether they believe there's something negative there or not. It's a good way to enter into a new home.
You could also try smudging or a Pagan cleansing ritual. It's up to you :)
I sort of agree with Shaza. Don't make a big deal out of it. Don't deny what your son sees or feels, but don't act scared or freak out, especially around him. Figure out a small rhyme or prayer he can say to make himself feel better.
I'm Pagan, and the one that I found that words best for me is to imagine myself in a bubble of light. Nothing dark is allowed in that space. And I recite:
Craft this spell in the Fire, Craft it well, weave it higher
Craft it now of shining Flame, none shall come to hurt or maim
None shall pass this Fiery wall, none shall pass, no none at all.

Whether it's real or not, it's real to your son and it sounds like he's afraid. Just like any fear, it should be addressed and he should be given tools to deal with it, not told that it doesn't exist.


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My 2, will be 3 next month, Granddaughter, just uttered the phrase,"Get me," while pointing to our laundry room. The second of such nights of which she has cringed in terror, complete with screaming, and uncontrollable shaking. She refused to be picked up. She wanted nothing to do with my husband ire her father, and didn't want my daughter or myself to leave the room. I have saged my house, called my ancestors, salted my doorways, called the corners, and invoked Goddesses. Next step is a Lan Taking and if that is unsuccessful, I have spoken with a Demonologist here locally that offered to come give it a whirl.

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My son has had times in his life when he sees "ghost people" of various descriptions. However, he has to take anti-psychotics because of mental illness. When my daughter was three she used to worry about the boogy man, so I would take it by the hand and make it go downstairs and leave. She would then go to sleep easily.

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I've never mentioned the word ghost or devil to him either, just thought I'd mention that. I'm also sure it's not something that he's seen on t.v. For the most part I just try to ignore it but I always listen to what they have to say about it.

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I experienced some few incident like that! but I do believe in such encounters and I also do believe it is not a good enviroment to bring your children in.
once we had to travel with my husband for his job for only 3 days. In the apartment I always had this feeling of not being alone in the apartement wether he is present with us or not! caught glimpse of shadows and thought I might have been just tired. But I came to believe what I was seeing when I realised that my 11 month daughter got realy freaked out and burst into fits at the same time I would catch a glimpse of ...aghost!! anyway, since then I believed she can sense this some how, after another year it happened again elsewhere 2000 km apart. I lost the ability to sleep and so did she.
I decided to gain back control of my life by just ignoring this and praying before going to bed, also watching a peaceful show on tv or on the computer..helps alot.
If I were in your place (and I am not!) I would convince him there isn't. and that he needs to keep the ghost away by praying and thinking of positive things. Children have a very wide imagination and they can easiy be drifted towards this type of non productive thinking if not directed wisely to some thing better that can boost their ammunity rather than destroy their trust and sence of security.

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Sometimes I think my 3 yr old sees stuff but really I think (at least IMO for now) she is pretending. If you are worried about it, I would put a video camera in your 2 yr old's room aimed at his bed and the area around it at night when he is sleeping, and naptime to see if you catch anything weird on video. That's what I would do.

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