does anyone have any advice on a 2 year old who will not take their daytime nap anymore when he obviously still needs it big time!!! he will quite happily go to bed but then just plays and talks to himself!! help!!!!!??????? kx

Kerry - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




asks: does anyone have any advice on a 2 year old who will not take their daytime nap anymore when he obviously still needs it big time!!! he will quite happily go to bed but then just plays and talks to himself!! help!!!!!??????? kx

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Amy - posted on 04/20/2009




my daughter is the same way sometimes. no matter how many times i put her in bed she's up and playing with toys or looking out her window etc. i just let her in her room to have that quiet time. There aren't any loud or very active toys in her room so her play is usually quiet and pretty relaxed. sometimes she'll play for a while and then go to bed and sometimes she doesn't. The days where she doesn't i just put on my helmet and hang on for the ride. she usually will take her afternoon nap without a problem. And for the days that there are no naps....whew! those are long days. she's not a kid that will sleep any place but her bed so sleeping or resting in another room is not going to work. you might also try having a nap time routine where you cuddle or read a special nap only book. i was told that kids this age don't always need a nap and sometimes even though they do, they're too nosey or busy with new things to take the rest. it hasn't harmed her. so i don't worry over it. hope this helps...

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My 2.5yr old takes a nap during the day just a couple times a week. On the days he resists a nap, I turn on one of his favorite cartoons and he cuddles up on the couch with a blanket. Sometimes he falls asleep and naps anyway, but without falling asleep, he still gets some needed rest time.

Joanne - posted on 04/20/2009




Yes I do, as I have an 18 month old who is already doing this and have had to seek advice about him! Basically, at his age he needs 12 to 14 hrs out of 24 and during the day if he refuses, bring him out of his cot when he starts to get upset and then make sure his afternoon is very relaxing ie I put his favourite wiggles dvd on and read him books, do drawing etc. If he won't sleep then he must relax and then bring his bed time back an hour or two from the time he used to sleep when he was taking a day nap. For example my son was going to bed at night at 9 when he was napping during the day, but now it's 7, some times even 6.30! I used to worry when he stopped napping but now I don't worry at all I always go through the motions of putting him in his cot with some hot milk in a dark room etc just as I always did, and then I let him relax and play in there as long as he will, but after about 10 minutes or so he gets upset so I bring him out and whack a dvd on, put him on the couch and make him comfy with a blanket. At least then he is getting rest for a while in the afternoon. Your son may have given up his day nap as some kids do, especially the very active ones, or otherwise he may just be goping through a phase ie a growth spurt, teething, or may just have learnt a new trick that just makes his life to exciting to sleep as he doesn't want to miss out on anything. Whatever it is though, just know he will let you know what he wants. It's up to you to provide a quiet, relaxing environment so he doesn't end up over wound and over stimulated at the end of the day. My son has now given up the nap but he gets 12 hrs a night and therefore, he's getting what he needs. I'm not stressing any more and I hope it gets better for you too! Good luck!

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my sons exactly the same so i put him in his room for his afternoon nap an hour earlier i give him his dummy and lie him on his bed and give him his blanket but soon as i leave the room i hear him get up and start playing wiv his toys but an hour later wen i check on him hes fast asleep he dont all ways make bk to his bed but fallen a sleep were hes been playing but at least hes had a nap try that and see if it works good luck

Sarah - posted on 04/20/2009




my toddler wont nap either! he wakes up around 7:30 in the morning cause my oldest is getting ready to go to school at that time. from then hes up till about 2 in the afternoon where he will lay down for 15 minutes but not fall asleep. at 3:45 its back out to pick up the oldest and cause of the car ride he usually falls asleep but wakes up again when we get out of the car at home. on the good side though i can brag about him sleeping through the night from about 8 till 7:30 the next morning lol. if he does take a nap during the day its cause i have kept him extremely busy during the day.... playing, going outside, taking a bath, playing some more, eating.... by then i could have taken several naps lol.

my doctor said some babies just dont need naps when they are getting all of their sleep at night, especially if its a good 8 hours of uninterupted sleep. im like well yeah... but MOM wants a nap lol.

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Poor little guy is just SO afraid he's going to miss something if he goes to sleep... Try to keep him super active to help wear him out. If he still goes to his bed and talks to himself, at least he's getting some quiet down time. And so are you! My friend's son does that. He will go in his room and play with his tractors or toys or whatever. He may not be sleeping, but it's more chilled out and quiet than his normal activities. And even that can help a kid. I know it's tough, but good luck!

Anita - posted on 04/20/2009




Usually by this age most kids drop their arvo naps...even at kreche/childcare by the age 2-3 if the child doesnt want to nap they dont force it or try toput them down...

If u want ur child to nap I suggest u look at the time he wakes up and maybe keep him up a little longer and have him do lots of physical activity to tire him a little one is oly 19mths and going on two weeks and he gets up around usually takes him a good 5hrs plus b4 he gets tired and wants to nap but sometime fights the tiredness because he's more interested in his toys...if ur child doesnt use any prop to sleep then its best not to introduce any...

Natasha - posted on 04/20/2009




Have him lay down in the living room to watch some cartoons on a pallet. Tell him that he has to lay there for an hour straight. Usually they will fall asleep by the time the hour is up. This is what worked for my children.

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