Does anyone have any good book suggestions for preparing a 3yo for open heart surgery? Thanks in advance :)


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Amanda - posted on 08/02/2012




I don't know of any books that may help but I can suggest sitting your child down and explaining to them what is going to happen.

My son had an operation, just day surgery (removal of his adenoids), not major surgery, when he was 3. I talked him through what was going to happen.

The night before I made him a special meal and he knew he had to eat it all because he wasn't going to be allowed anything to eat until after his op.

I told him we were going to the hospital and he would be put to sleep using magic medicine in a special big boy bed. I told him the doctors were going to fix his nose and he wouldn't be sick or snore any more and he would be able to sleep better.
I made him aware that it might be a bit scary and he might be sore afterwards but it was ok, if he needed anything or got scared that it was ok and I would be with him until he fell asleep and I would be there when he woke up.

I made sure I talked him through everything that was happening before during and after and answered any questions he had.

I didn't give him all the details, just enough information for him to process and understand.

He was confident and calm when he went into hospital to the point he held the mask over his own face when he was put to sleep.

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