Does anyone have any tips for helping a one year old with a cold?

Emma - posted on 08/10/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son has a runny nose, a horrible cough and i need to feel like im helping him feel better! please help!


Cassandra - posted on 08/11/2009




at the same time....all these are WONDERFUL methods, and the all work....but baby ALSO needs mommy chest time...try wearing a low cut shirt and letting the him lay his head on your chest....believe it or not...your heartbeat still soothes him..meds and my chest are all my 18 month old wants when she is sick...laying baby on your chest is ALSO a great way to tell if he is running a start sweating for no reason...then he is runnin a 5 year old was running a temp so bad one time and only wanted to lay on my chest..i couldnt let her she was so hot..hope it helps....

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i use whatever is on sale at the store, triaminic/ tylenol cold/ whatever. what i do is this: he is 15 mos, they reccomend 2 Tbs for age 6 & up (normally). 2 Tbs = 1.5oz, so divide 1.5 oz by 6= .25. take .25 x 1.5= .375 or .4 oz. Get a syringe that has oz's on it, and I give that amont to him. Normally it equals about 1.5mL

That is what I do, aslo make sure that whatever you give him either has or doesnt have tylenol/ motrin in it, so you dont double up the meds.

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Hi my name is eliska I want to know where you bought the benidryl plz let me know I am in port elizabeth

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I gave my 18 month son a babyspoon full of honey to help with his cough and my ped. suggested a teaspoon of baby benidryl at night to help dry up his nose. Side benifit....he doesn't object to a spoon full of honey as a bedtime 'treat' and the baby benidryl lets him sleep 8 hours straight (which he is not known for doing).

good luck!

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We use a Pediacare Gentle Vapors plug in at night. It smells like the vaporub, but you don't actually have to put it on the child's chest. And it uses natural products to help loosen the congestion and help her breathe. My pediatrician also said I could give her Tylenol Cold and Cough-they give me a specific dosage based on her current weight and the amount of Tylenol in the product. The Tylenol Cold and Cough helps her get a good night's sleep when she is too tired to go down without a fight and/or running a fever.

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265, you aren't supposed to give honey to an 18 month old, so I don't suggest it. Also, put a humidifier in his room. A cold one, not a hot one as hot breeds bacteria. You could also get some baby vicks which works wonders for when my son has a cold. As well, for the nose, get some Hydrasense and then suction it out. He probably won't like it, but it'll help.

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When my son has a cold I use a humidifier or vaporizer in his room, vick's baby rub on his chest, and saline drops in his nose. If the cough gets worse or doesn't get better I would take him to the doctor.

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We have used the Honey tech. and it is amazing. It will help with the cough. Use some Infants Vicks Rub it has Eucalyptes and it helps keep the airway open. Humidifiers are a great thing too, just don't use the ones that take the vicks rub in the systems just the regular humidifier.

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the cold medicines that were banned for young kids really only contained antihistamine (which you can buy in benadryl), acetaminophen (which you can give in baby tylenol) and a decongestant (sorry, can't help you there...but i find keeping her in a moist room - like the bathroom with the shower running- for 15 minutes a few times a day helps). my daughter recently had a cough and the benadryl really helps at night. best of luck. took me a year to realize i could give her ANYTHING. poor kid.

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