Does anyone know the first signs of allergies to dogs???? My daughter is 16 months old and has had a constant cold. COughing, congestion...ordinary ailments ruled out and now we (husband and I) are left feeling helpless. Doc just keeps prescibing her cough meds. Is there anything, anyone can suggest for the cough that keeps my sweet angel awake at night????


Chezzfaye121 - posted on 02/27/2013




it could be the dog but if it is its easily managed, im allergic to dogs and cats yet i own 3 dogs currently have a foster in and own a house cat (yes im crazy lol).

try buying some piraton and give it her for a few days to see if this make any difference if it is an allergie it will calm the syptoms after a few doses if that, has your doctor checked for asthma as that would explain the cough keeping her awake ask for a spacer and a ventolin inhaler see if that makes any difference.

if the piraton works it could be a number of things tho, the dandruff on the dog solved by bathing it once a month at least, dust mites or dust, mold or even house hold cleaning products one of my sons is allergic to polish or as the other poster says it could be food. good luck in figuring out what it is.

dont just give the dog away tho i did this with our previous cat thinking thats what my son was allergic to and it turned out to be the polish so i felt so guilty

Kelina - posted on 02/18/2013




how moist is your home? it could definitely be an allergy to animals, It could also be to wheat or milk. I would try cutting those out of her diet for a couple weeks before finding a new home for the dog.


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