Does your toddler do chores?

Lyndsay - posted on 04/25/2010 ( 109 moms have responded )




My hubby usually naps before dinner, so its my son's job to clear all his toys off the table, set the placemats, and go get his dad for supper. I also make him clean up anything that he spills, even if its accidental, to get him in the habit of being clean and orderly.

Just wondering if anyone else sets tasks for their toddlers? By chores I don't necessarily mean housework, just like little odd jobs that they do around the house on a regular basis.


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Louise - posted on 04/26/2010




how old is your child????my sons 1 in half he tidys his toys up but hes a kid i dont expect him to do my house cleaning i am the parent hes not a slave there there to experance life not clean and tidy up there still learning

Tricia - posted on 04/26/2010




My son is 2 and we have him help with our 6 month old, just silly things like bringing wipes over to me when I need them for diaper changes, or wiping up small spills, and he has to pick up toys before bed.

Rachel - posted on 04/26/2010




same here my kids have to clean there room evry day and clean messes they make it teaches them responsability i totally agree and my daughter actually likes helping mommy it makes her feel needed and like a big girl

Nakita - posted on 04/26/2010




my son is two and he wants to do everything, i just give him tasks, if he spills stuff he is the first to want to clean it up, and loves having the tasks of calling family members and carrying things to them, i dont insist but because he wants to i just let him do some things

Maggie - posted on 04/26/2010




I think it's great. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she cleans up her dishes after a meal by putting them in the sink, picking up toys, etc. It's a good way to teach responsibility. Besides young kids like this love feeling like they are helping :)

Kytama - posted on 04/26/2010




My tod (almost 3yr) cleans up when she sills something, she puts her dishes in the sink, put her clothes in the hamper, she basicly cleans up after herself. And she loves it!

Kerri - posted on 04/25/2010




It's a great way to teach them responsibilities. I have 4 toddlers, ages 1, 2, 3 & 4, and they all do misc "chores" around the house and the ranch. They help with laundry, feed their animals, set their table, put their dishes in the sink, help us load the dishwasher, sweep, etc. They even each have their own little vacuums that they use. It's mostly a game to them and they love it, so why not encourage it! They especially love to help feed the horses and clean the stalls out.

Lyndsay - posted on 04/25/2010




I agree, it is important to make them feel needed. My son (he's two and a half) really enjoys this routine, he is so proud of himself that he is a "big helper" as I say that sometimes he will clear off the table without my even asking.

Cory - posted on 04/25/2010




I dont take it as far as you do, however our daughter puts her clothing in the hamper and help pick up toys before bed. She is only 21 months so I dont expect too much "help" but I do think it is good to make them feel needed and like they have done a job well done. We normally have a good High Five and claps after she does what she was asked.

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