Ear Piercing...Right or wrong?

Angelina - posted on 04/18/2012 ( 71 moms have responded )




I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 3 months old. I thought it was the best thing because i had my ears pierced when i was just under a year. I hardly ever wear earrings as an adult but my ears wont ever close, so when i do decide to wear them its no big deal. My daughter never played with her earrings until she was about a year. now she pulls them out of her ears. Her holes arnt closed so for special occasions i put earrings on her. So what do you guys think? is it right or wrong for us as parents to decide to pierce our daughters ears or wait for them to decide?


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Charlotte - posted on 05/01/2012




i think if u want to do it then go for it if not then dont... i got my daughters done when she was a year old shes now 3 and she doesnt play with them coz when i turn them and clean them i have tort her not to touch unless cleaning them. and she loves them i think as long as there studs and not hoops it doesnt matter.

Jacqueline - posted on 05/01/2012




I don't think there is a right or wrong. Your her mother, you know what is best. In many countries when a female is born her ears are pierced days after birth. (like me!) and It doesn't offend me either way. I wear earrings once in while so I am glad they are there when I need them. :)

Tori - posted on 04/30/2012




My mother had my ears pierced when I was very young, and I always resented her for it. She would make me wear earrings even though I never wanted to - I was never a 'girly' girl, I never really liked jewelry.

Personally I think that body modifications (that's what piercings are, even if a mild form of it) should be a choice you make for yourself, not a choice someone else makes for you. Also at that young of an age there's too much risk for having her pull them out and hurt herself, and/or putting them in her mouth and accidentally swallowing them.

If you really want her to wear earrings what's wrong with clip-ons? Why is it necessary to poke holes in her?

Jennifer - posted on 04/24/2012




I don't think it's "right" or "wrong". I chose not to pierce my daughters ears simply because I didn't like taking care of my own earrings when I got mine pierced and didn't feel like trying to take care of them on an infant. When she's older (somewhere between 10-13 depending on her maturity) I'm more than happy to take her to have her ears done and she can take care of them herself.

User - posted on 04/24/2012




I wish my mom had pierced my ears when I was a baby! I am now 24 and have never had my ears pierced. Because I am too chicken. :( and to think I'm in the U.S. Army and pregnant with my second child.... LMFAO!

User - posted on 04/24/2012




I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old daughter. They both have their ears pierced. Two months ago I took my now 1 year old daughter to get her ears pierced, and she was fine. She doesn't play with them, or even seem to notice they are there. I know there are a bunch of people who say how evil it is to pierce a babies ears, but the longer you wait the harder it will be for the child. My 3 year old got her ears pierced at the same time as my 1 year old, and she had a much more difficult time than my 1 year old. However, if she is pulling them out that may be a problem. You definitely want to make sure she doesn't put them in her mouth.

Lisa - posted on 04/23/2012




I don't think parents should do it just because they find it cute. It's not pleasant for little kids, and should be a choice they make as they get older.

Nicky - posted on 04/20/2012




I think its fine,as you said you can take them out if you dont want them. Then when you do your holes will still be there. My son has his ear pierced and he is now 11. He asked me when he was 4 if he could get his ear pierced. So it was his decision. I didnt see a problem with it so i took him to get it done. He still wheres his earring so I guess his decision at 4 yrs old wasnt a bad one.

Louise - posted on 04/20/2012




I think this depends where you live. In the UK it is very rare to see a small child with their ears pierced it is very much frowned upon. I have to say I dont like to see a baby with their ears pierced. I have a daughter and I will not have her ears pierced until she asks for them to be done and is old enough to understand that A) It hurts B) How to keep them clean..I think an acceptable age is about 7. Its her body and her choice.

It is horrible to say but in the UK if your baby has its ear pierced it is seen as having lower class parents. Yes the class issue really does exist! Its not right, but thats the way it is.

BeeJay - posted on 04/19/2012




I personally chose not to pierce my daughters ears. I am going to wait til she is old enough to ask for it. But, I dont consider it a right or wrong thing to do. If people want to pierce their daughters ears at a young age its up to them. I dont look at little girls and think "what were her parents thinking?". I think its just a personal choice, not right or wrong.

September - posted on 04/19/2012




It's totally a personal choice. I myself would not piece my child's ears until she was old enough to ask for them as well as take care of them. What others do with their children is not my concern.

Karen - posted on 04/18/2012




What other people do with their kid's ears is none of my biz, but I will be waiting for my daughter to ask.

I am all for taking her when she asks me to, but I want her to be old enough, and responsible enough, not to irritate them and cause them to get infected. She has my sensitive skin, so I know it won't take much to make it a bad experience. She would have to be capable of washing her hands on her own, first.

If I took my earrings out, they would close up so fast, despite the fact that I have had them done for so long. My body never did accept piercings easily.

Betty - posted on 04/18/2012




I dont think theres anything wrong with it unless you see her trying to take them off or if they its bothering her, the skin there is like rubber you dont feel it really!

Angelina - posted on 04/18/2012




She did learn to take them off and so to prevent her from possibly damaging her ears i took the earrings out and only ever put a pair in for special pictures or events. She likes playing with mommies dangley earrings and she asks me to put them on her. but we play with the jewelry in our home and then put them away when play time is over. She enjoys getting all pretty, like dress up, and make up, and jewelry... but it never really leaves the house.

Krista - posted on 04/18/2012




I wouldn't go so far as to call it "wrong", but I think it is better to wait until the child is older. For starters, I'd be worried about the baby's earrings getting caught on something and hurting her. Secondly, ear piercing DOES hurt, even if it's only momentarily, and I don't like the idea of putting a baby through pain, solely for the sake of aesthetics. Thirdly, as the baby grows, sometimes the ears grow a bit unevenly. I've seen adults with uneven piercings, because they were done as a baby.

And lastly, I prefer to keep ear-piercing as a nice carrot/reward to use when the child is older, to encourage them to become more responsible.

Kaitlin - posted on 04/18/2012




My sister and I both had our ears pierced as an infant, and like you said, they never close. When she was old enough, my mom let her get other pericings (ears only), and then she decided she wanted even more after turning 18. I never felt like I wanted any more. I think one set is totally fine for a kid- if she wants more later she can get more. I don't think it's right or wrong, but it is definitely more convenient for those of us that can't wear ear rings all the time (cough cough around babies, lol) ;)

Sarah - posted on 04/18/2012




I think that its perfectly fine i had my daughters pierced at 2 months mine were done at 2 yrs.

It all depends on the mother but i find it fine if they get older and decide That they dont like them then they don't have to wear them.

Erica - posted on 04/18/2012




I don't think it's right or wrong... but I want my daughter to choose to have holes in her body, and learn to care for them herself. Ear peircing can be a valuable tool to teach little girls responsibility. They get to wear cool earings and are learning a life lesson. My husband and I decided that she can decide after she is 13 so she can do all the carring for them herself.

I don't hold it against anyone who wants to do it earlier so the baby doesn't remember the pain and all that. It's just a personal choice you have to follow what you believe, it sounds like you have removed them since they have sorta become a danger and that's what is important.

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