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Michelle - posted on 12/06/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 3 today, and we just found out he might have hearing problems that are effecting his speech, so where taking him to the doctors nexted week to find out. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the some problems and can give us some advice.


Amber - posted on 12/06/2011




My daughter will be 3 in January and wears hearing aids. Her hearing loss, as all hearing loss has affected her speech. Depending on the type and degree of the loss they can sometimes have trouble hearing certain syllables and if they can't hear them, it makes it hard for them to say some words correctly and clearly. I would recommend seeing a good audiologist and having an ABR (hearing test) done to determine whether or not there is a loss and how much. My daughter has also had 5 sets of tubes put in because of fluid and reoccurring infections as well as invasive surgery to correct her hearing loss. Her loss was corrected 100% by the surgery but unfortunately her body has rejected the prosthesis that was implanted at that time so we are back to hearing aids until the surgery is redone. If they do find that there is hearing loss I recommend highly that you seek the help of an SLP that is licensed, not just by an early interventionist as it does make a big difference. It may be hard to take at first but trust me it does get easier and with a little intervention your son will catch up to where he should be with his speech. Good luck sweetie!


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Adrienne - posted on 12/07/2011




I had the same problem with my son. He had fluid buildup in his ears, which was causing hearing loss. He didn't speak until he was about 3. The ENT put tubes in his ears and he started speech therapy. It was a long process; he's had tubes 3 times, and had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He's 4 1/2 now, and his speech is pretty normal finally.

Katherine - posted on 12/06/2011




I haven't had the same problems with MY kids, however when I was younger I had hearing problems and chronic ear infections. I don't remember if they affected my speech, but they sure affected my hearing.
It's good that you have an appointment, maybe a speech pathologist can help. I had to have tubes in my ears twice because of my hearing problems. After that all was well.
I still can't understand certain things, so I don't really say I can't "hear" it's a matter of understanding.

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