Effective Behavior tectus for a Stubborn crying tolder ?

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My daughter is 34 months old, from day one she had been a pampered and loved child not only by us but also by the entire family, but there has been a sudden change in her entire personality and behavior, she always loved to love others, never got nervous by mixing up with strangers, never cried regularly nor did anything stubborn but now she is completely reversed / different from the above mentioned good habits, now she is extreme stubborn, always crying, not obeying us always on the violent end to infants and babies younger to her, not having her food nor feels hunger.

This sudden change of behavior is alarming for us and mostly keep us worried for her behaviors, CAN ANYONE PLS SUGGEST US EFFECTIVE BEHAVIOR TOOLS to tackle with this problem of our only child ?????


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sounds like a case of the (late but none the less) terrible twos!
my son will be 3 in feb and is exactly the same way. he pushes the boundaries and makes the biggest world crushing sob story if we say no. my mum has said its the terrible twos but abit late and from what ive read its just that. they need to test boundaries and reactions to learn about emotions, my now 12yr old nephew has severe issues with emotions and rage, hes been expelled from most of his primary schools and has the worst temper that comes and goes like flicking a light switch! this psychologist thinks it may have something to do with him not learning emotions at the age of 2 to 3 as his parents were divorcing and it was ugly!
if my son starts getting angry or up set i as how he feels and explain the difference, if i get upset or angry he asks whats wrong and i tell him he now knows a kiss usually makes me happy and he tries to make it better but i also explain that sometimes it take time to make me happy not just a kiss.
little tantrums get ignored or no reaction and once its gone i explain its not the end of the world he cant do such n such
hope ive helped good luck its not easy but it does pass :)

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