Emergency weaning/food allergies?

Abigail - posted on 03/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




does anyone have experience with "emergency" weaning? I've been trying to slowly wean Justin since 12 months when his pediatrician started nagging me to becuase she thought I was drowning his appetite for solids. He wasn't replaceing breast milk with solids or anything else, and just stopped gaining weight altogether since about 12 months. He is now 15.5 months old and just barely cleared 20 lbs.

Lately he had a couple of colds back to back so i took advantage of that to con him into drinking out of his sippy cup more, and then i got horribly sick and my milk dried up. so now he's technically weaned, for one whole week, but now he's starting to refuse his sippy cup and begging for mommy again. i think i screwed up by giving him the breast for comfort when he fell down and wouldn't stop crying (he's not good at walking yet). but still, it's not like he got a lot of food out of it.

What is really worrying me is that he won't take the cow's milk because he is still allergic or sensitive to it. he used to have the cow's milk protein intolerance. I don't know what to feed him if he won't eat whole milk, or goat's milk, or soy formula, and now he won't even drink his drinkable yobaby any more.

ack! any ideas would be great.



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Carisa - posted on 09/28/2010




Since your milk has dried up, you could let him try to nurse so he learns that you have no milk. My girls both drink cows milk, so I don't have any advice there. However, about your little guy being too small...I just got home from my baby's 18 month check up and am rejoicing because she weights 20 lbs 13 oz.

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Hi Nemiha, Could you let me know the brand of this rice milk? It is one meant for babies, not just regular rice milk, right? My 11 months son is allergic to milk and on the very special formula "Neocate", but I was told about a new rice formula that was just launched and the pharmacies I went to were all clueless... Tx!

Nemiha - posted on 03/13/2009




my sister had that problem and the doctor told her to take a vacation without her child. Sounds harsh but it worked. my nephew was forced to drink outof the sippy cup sonce she wasn't there. Also if he has milk allergy try Rice milk. they have different flavors like strawberry and vanilla that are easier on the tummy. GOOD LUCK!

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