Escaping from Crib during CIO

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Hello, I have a hefty post for my first!

On Friday of this past week, I began letting my 15 month old son cry it out. Before this he was waking every 2 hours at night of nurse for a few minutes and then would go back to sleep, sometimes he wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me. I was exhausted and ready to just let him figure out how to fall asleep on his own and get rid of the nursing sleep association. I had tried pick up/put down months before but was not successful, and I was comfortable with the idea of just letting him cry it out. It was working pretty well until he got out of his crib. After his fall, I took him to out pediatrician so she could give him a once over and make sure he wasn't hurt. She suggested that I get him to sleep on his own before putting him in a toddler bed, and to keep padding the floor with pillows so when he does get out he doesn't hurt himself. He is now a professional escape artist, and instead of crying it out like he was doing (and it really was working those two nights!) he now just has a tantrum at bedtime and constantly tries to climb out of the crib. I wait and keep the door cracked a fraction of an inch and prevent him from doing so, using the simple phrase "time to go to bed" and placing him back into his crib. As soon as I walk out of the room he makes a mad dash for the corner of the crib and tries to climb out again. We continue like this until he finally tires and goes to sleep, tonight it took half an hour. He wakes up only once or twice at night but we continue to struggle getting him to just relax and cry and stay in the crib. Our routine during the day is like clockwork, as is our bedtime routine. It is the same every night at the same time. He does have molars coming in, but I make sure to give him infants Advil before bed. Does anyone have any suggestions, or have a similar problem? Would love the advice! Thanks so much.


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I agree the crying it out method, though it may sound harsh and neglectful, works very well especially for children this age. It sounds as if he desires extra attention from you (or he simply doesn't want to go to bed.) I have found with my own son that if we practice the routine before it's time to actually do the action it works well. Also, I found that reading books about the subject(potty training, trick or treating) really helps him understand that what we are doing isn't to punish him but help him become a big kid.
These are a few suggestions but honestly if you become exasperated he will notice and it will affect him. Make it a game as much as possible because that is how children learn best.

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