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This is actually my first post. OK my daughter just turned 2 last month she is very intelligent, energetic, loving, silly, she also plays well with other children and enjoys being in the company of her peers. I love her very very much but she's very exhausting. I know at this age they get into everything and that's normal but I wonder if her temper tantrums are. She has a twmper tantrum over anything. Examples:
Leaving the park (even if we've been there for 2 hours) having to leave her cousins after a play date, if we're in the store and she has to sit in the stroller, if I tell her to put a toy back while we're in the store, if I make her put her slippers on sometimes if we're crossing the street she won't want to hold my hand when it's time to cross and she'll break away from me and throw herself to the floor. She always wants to do what ever she wants And doesn't like to comply with simple things. It's frustrating because she cries and tantrums out the day more than she doesn't. I don't understand this I play with her she has both parents And other relatives that love her. She's always been a cry baby ever since she was a newborn but I figured by now that would have stopped. She doesn't act this way at all when she's with her cousins she behaves great, she doesn't see them a lot and she's the onky child so when the weathers nice I take her to the park everyday so that she can make friends. I don't spoil her I'm not extra hard on her either what's the issue?


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Hi! It is fairly normal for a child to be throwing tantrums at that age. She is learning to express her feelings and test her boundaries. She is also exploring her independence. I would encourage you to reinforce what is acceptable behavior in your household. While throwing tantrums at this age is normal, it doesn’t mean it has to rule your home. Let her know what is healthy behavior and what is not. It will take some time, but this is phase that should pass. You sound like a wonderful and caring mama. Be encouraged that this season will pass. *hugs* Praying for you!

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