first time flying with toddler - tips and advice needed

Amanda - posted on 01/05/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




we will be flying this summer to visit some family in another province. We have not flown since my daughter was born. I am looking for any tips about flying with toddlers. she will be a few months shy of two.. Any info would be appreciated.. thanks to everyone


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I fly with my daughter about once a year, we have 2 4 hours flights to get to my mom. I take coloring books, crayons, paper, some light weight books she can read, but the best of all is her DVD player! Life saver if I must insist... It does weigh, but I also take around the stroller. Now that she is a bit bigger and prefers to be up and running I put all the bags on the stroller and no problem with them anymore! Good luck! Do take something for her ears... I give my daughter some gum for when the plane is landing, that helps with the pressure that bothers her most.

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You should carry tylenol or motrin with you. When the plane is taking off try to make sure that she is drinking her bottle or is sucking on something. This will help her ears pop without hurting her.

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Book your trip during her nap or bed time if you have an schedule with her . We have been all over Europe visiting countries and it has been working very well for us. Our daughter falls sleep most of the time when departing.

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I know that when i'm ascending my ears pop. my suggestion is, if shes has a sippy cup make sure she drinks while going up, bring toys that she likes,a "comfy" anything that is comforting. i'm sure she'll be fine though. have a fun and safe trip!

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my daughter is 13 mos. & she has been on an airplane 8 times. The very first time we were going to ATL from LA with a hr. layover there then to FL., her daddy left her formula at the house but as long as she had something to drink or suck on while taking off & landing to help her ears clear from popping. People understand that its a baby & flight attendance are usually really cool, keep them busy with crackers & cookies, & dont try to restrain them too much because they will get irritated. This last time she flew was for christmas she stood on my lap & talked to the other people & had a great time, we got stuck in the air due to the weather at the airport then had to go to a different airport to refuel & got stuck on the ground there, we were stuck on that plane a extra hr. 45 & before i knew it she was walking up & down the walk way with the flight attendance.

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Have something for her to chew or suck in case her ears start popping. I was so nervous about flying with my daughter but I was pleasantly surprised how well she acted (and even fell asleep) and how nice the other passengers were. When things look hairy, just remember, the flight will eventually end!

Kristen - posted on 01/05/2010




ditto on what Jennifer said. I would also recommend as a last resort Benadryl. Our pediatrician even recommended it for when we fly just in case for whatever reason circumstances result in a nuclear meltdown

Jennifer - posted on 01/05/2010




Take stuff to entertain her with, coloring books, a baby doll, even a small dvd player will do. We flew with our kids when our oldest was 1 1/2, we took a small bag of toys to entertain her on the plane, had her carry it, so she knew it was hers. Also take toddler friendly snacks! Some planes make you pay for snacks, and no one wants a hungry toddler.

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