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My daughter is also 3 1/2. She was fully potty trained within a few weeks but it has taken about 6 months of her pooping in her underwear for us to make any steps forward! I refused to put a diaper on her because I didn't want her taking a step back in going potty. I can tell you that after trying EVERY approach (discipline, positive reinforcement, reward system, encouragement), we finally decided to just leave her alone. Day after day I cleaned poopy filled underwear! Gross :) But something I read made sense. Sometimes kids can build up an anxiety about pooping on the toilet because you are simply just making too big of a deal about it, good or bad. So, we just quit making a big deal of it. If she pooped in her undies, I didn't say anything to her....I just cleaned her up and put new ones on. After a couple weeks, I decided to add a new approach. I told her that if she pooped in her undies, she was going to have to help me clean it up. I didn't want to upset her, so i decided that if she cried about it, I wouldn't make her. Again, acting like it was no big deal. Of course, she did it again.....she had no issue with helping me clean it up. I had her shake out the poop from her undies into the toilet. So from that day on, I warned her that if she went, she would have to help me. It took about a week for her to start telling me she had to go. And she actually did :) One last thing, she has been going on the toilet now for about 2 months and we still have regressions once in awhile. She would never poop in her undies now but she will hold it for days! I guess these things take time ;) Good luck! hope this helps you!

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