Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Patty - posted on 04/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




What have you done or are doing to get ready for Kindergarten? Not just education, but also what do they need in general - socially, dress, discussions with them, etc.

My daughter starts this fall was just curious what other moms are doing?


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Allison - posted on 04/25/2011




Do some Summer Camps, get them involved with groups in your area with kids that would be going to the same school. That way they will know someone on their first day. My daughter has been in daycare ever since she was 6 weeks old and can't wait to go to the big kid school with all of her friends.

Karol - posted on 04/25/2011




As a preschool teacher, the things I try to work on with my class is ability to follow 2 part directions (get a toy and sit on the carpet), also being considerate of others feelings (jenny is upset because you wouldn't share with her, is that ok?), and lastly I make certain my class can sit quietly to listen and not be disruptive.
I also make and create children's toys based on my classroom experiences. If you need any help with colors, shapes, number, letters, or early reading, look me up at
Good luck!

Audrey - posted on 04/24/2011




I remember those days (having done it 2x so far with 1 more to go..) Its so bittersweet b/c its exciting yet also so emotional!!
We always 'uptalked' kindergarden and all the fun that they would have and the friends they would make and I'd tell them things they would do, like go to lunch and recess and have they would be excited.. and it also helped with school clothes shopping came because I've found if they get to pick out some outfits they are eager to go show them off ;) Backpack and lunch box selections and school supplies makes it extra exciting and we even 'spruce' up our kids' rooms at the start of the school year ... sorta as 'new beginnings'..
My kids have always been excited to start, my 6 year old was this past year and he was a little apprehensive but we just made it a lot of fun.. I have a feeling my youngest and only daughter will be the roughest on me to let go being she is the baby .. lol Good luck I'm sure lil girl will do great!! I really think its harder on us moms ;) lol

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