Grandparents or daycare??????

Lindsey - posted on 09/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a son who will be 3 in a couple of weeks. His grandparents have kept him while me and my husband work, he has been in daycare before for about 6 months, the daycare was about 5 minutes from where his grandparents live. Heres the story: My son's grandmother told us about a preschool that was minutes from where we live and agreed that she would pick him up from preschool if we could get him enrolled. So fast forward he goes for an assessment and does not have any issues with motor skills or anything of that sort, so he doesn't get enrolled. So, the previous daycare that he was in opens at 7:30am, and I have to be at work at 8am, my husband has to be at work at 7am, drop off will not work, as a side note his grandparents refuse to drop him off at school because he may cry for them. So, I have found another daycare, did my research, checked references, asked a million questions of them, and all seems to be very well. This daycare is convenient, opens earlier, on my way to problem, my son's grandparents have had an absolute issue with this, even stating to my husband "we try to help you everyway we can, but you won't listen", and yes they do love my son and they are good with him, however they are elderly and his grandmother is constantly speaking of how tired she is. The arrangement for childcare will be 3 days per week allowing his grandparents to have him one day a week. Oh gosh, I can't win for losing, I need advice....sorry for the long posting.


Sarah - posted on 09/27/2013




I agree with what you are doing. I think it is just hard for grandparents to let go. At 3 yrs old I think it is important that they start to get that peer interaction and learn social skills. My advise is to stay strong and hang in there. Hopefully they will look at things differently over time. For now I would try to just acknowledge what they are saying and let them know that you are not trying to hurt them and you appreciate all that they do for you. Let them know that you know how much they love your 3 yr old too. Maybe even explain to them that it is not about the care they give your son as you know they do a great job. That it is more about your son learning how to interact with others his own age, which can only be done when he is around others his own age. Then give them time to adjust.

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