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My son loves to play the monster game. Some kids like it some don't. I work at a play group and my boss insists on an automatic two min. Time out. I think he should at least get a warning. & he's not showing aggression he's playing I don't want home to think he is in trouble for playing. I tell him how about you be a nice kitty or a bird and fly around with your friend no growling in the face I donno has anyone else experienced this and how did you get your child to play on a gentle way


Rebecca - posted on 04/06/2014




If he's not showing aggression then I don't think there's anything to worry about, certainly no cause for time out. (Your boss should realize children learn best through play.) My daughter loved the monster game but the worst that would come of it was usually me getting annoyed! I just kept suggesting, and demonstrating, different areas of play and pretend.She rarely plays monster any more. It could also help to change what he watches on t.v., if his shows are growling then he could just be imitating-which, again, is part of how they learn.

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