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My son is 2 year old and not talking yet.he doesn't point.he never point to drink or eat anything just whined.he never call us mama,papa.he is very happy child extremely active and very vibrant.he is smiling all the time laughing very hard at funny thungs.love to go out side no problem with gathering,love to swing.no height phobia.no sound or light or touch problem.good eye to eye contact.wave bye bye sometimes but not right direction.follow some simple directions.when i ask him to say mama ye says amma and some times says mamama but not mama.play hide and seek.he notice my reactions when he does something.play back and forth game.love to play with me.he puts pacifier in his younger brother's mouth and cap on his head.no repetitive behaviour just spins oround someday for few sec. Doesn't make tower or line up things.he has a problem with eating only eat four pureed food and does not know how to chew.is something new flavour in his mouth he start gagging and end up vomiting. What is this.is it autism or sensory issue. And now he has started hand leading. He take our hand and drags to the door to unlock it.take our hands for clapping.drags our hand to the tablet to change the cartoons.
Is it a red flag of autism?
Should i b concerned?
Or is this all normal and typical behaviour coz he cant speek to tell us what he want.
Help plz


Michelle - posted on 04/28/2017




If you are ever concerned about the health of your child you should always see your doctor.
Don't ask a bunch of strangers on the internet.


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Michaela - posted on 04/24/2017




This is your second post about this, you are obviously very concerned ♥ my heart goes out to you! I really think you need to get him evaluated by a professional.
I don't know where you are from but here in San Diego, California there is a free program called C3 which will evaluate your child's developmental progress for free! They have specialists trained in identifying any kind of spectrum disorder, including autism. If you are not in San Diego then try googling "free child development assessments" in your area.
As a mom you can't help but be concerned about your child's progress and development. You are a good mommy! Get him checked out for your own peace of mind.

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