Handling attitude in a 2 year old

Tracey - posted on 03/08/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




We've started a relatively new stage in our terrible two's and I wondered if anyone else has been through this a knows of a positive way to deal with it. Recently, when my son has been told not to do something or to stop doing something (like climbing on things or harassing the animals or even changing his diaper because he doesn't want to hold still) he will actually stop doing it but he also now puffs out his little chest, thrusts his chin in the air, put his hands on his hips and even stand up on his tippy-toes ( i guess trying to make himself bigger then his current 36 inches).Sometimes he'll tell you "NO" and sometimes he just glares at you. Admittedly, this is a much better reaction then the previous one where he would bang his head on the floor or wall, however I would still like to discourage the attitude. I know he's testing me and his boundaries and I'm not out to break his spirit I'm just looking for a good way to handle the situation. The attitude is frustrating, but at the same time watching him puff up like a Tom Turkey or a dog trying to show its dominance is a little funny. If anyone has dealt with a similar situation I would love to hear how you handled it. (even the head banging because we still revert to that at times, and its just disturbing).


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my son will be turning 2 this july and got a problem with his attitudes, he has tantrums everyday whenever we dont give what he wants/like. He'll sometimes bang his head on the floor or just lye on the floor and keeps on crying aloud... and whenever we go outside,roam around then at the end of the day when we go back home he will cry out-loud coz he doesn't like to go in, he wants to stay outside and he loves to stay outside.
is this all normal for his age?

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He may just be imitating you. I see my niece do it all the time and my sister doesnt even realize she is doing the behavior that being imitated. I'd say just watch your body language for a little while and see if thats it. and maybe try saying stop instead of no.

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My son gives me attitude a lot also (particularly at the moment because he's dealing with a new baby). I often just look away and ignore him and let him have his little attitude outburst. I view it a bit like a tantrum...if you ignore it and give it no attention he'll eventually realise it's not working and move onto another method of pushing the boundaries!
The only time he gets into trouble for it is if it's accompanied by violence, then he gets put in time out or I take something he likes away for a couple of hours. It seems to work, I've noticed a decrease in the attitude - but this could also be due to his growing up or getting used to the baby... Good luck!!! Aren't 2 year olds fun sometimes:)

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My daughter is all 'tude. The no's started early, then came sticking her tongue out, then just making really rude noises at me. She is 3.5 and still full of attitude. She doesn't do it to people other than my husband and I typically, so at least that's good. She definitely has consequences, usually time out. We have a sticker chart for good behavior, she gets a sticker when she does something extra nice or helpful, like sharing something special or cleaning up a mess, but she loses one if she gets in trouble or has a bad attitude. When she fills a row she gets a small prize or treat (my little pony, ice cream) but if she loses a row or doesn't change her behavior after she loses a star, she loses a toy. I put the prize up on a high shelf where she can see it but not get to it so she knows what she is working for. Its helped us so much! Sure its a bribe, but I was getting really tired of the yelling matches, and spankings! I hate spanking and I was doing it too much and it wasn't effective, the chart is very effective. If its particularly nasty she just goes straight to her room.

Deepti - posted on 03/08/2011




avoid using word no, instead change his mind, start talking to him something else which will divert his attention... use positive and gentle language and he will start reciprocating
terrible twos is a difficult stage which needs care and tact both.. u can get more ideas and advice on http://perspectiveofdeepti.blogspot.com/

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