Has anyone else had a failure on Circumcision? Should I get my youngest circumcised now?

Shayla - posted on 11/25/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have 3 boys, the oldest is 14 so they did in the circumcision within the first 3 weeks back then, his was done very nicely and he has had no problems since. I did it because his father was done and it seemed appropriate at the time.

In addition, when my oldest was done they used Emla cream to numb the area, I know he did not feel it as I was there and breast-feeding him as the doc performed the procedure.

Following in family tradition, I stupidly had my second son when he was was 8 weeks, the "specialist:" did not use cream, she stuck a needle in my baby that was suppose to numb him, and started to cut right away...he was screaming in pain and looking at me with a look I can’t describe, I will NEVER forget the look in his eyes..I KNOW he was in pain.

They screwed it up so badly it was infected from day one and then the damn doctor went on holidays...this was supposed to be a specialist mind you. My family doc gave us some antibiotic cream and said let it heal as best you can.

The next time a doctor tells me a procedure like that will not hurt, I will ask them to prove it first.

Once it had healed and the "bell" fell off we discovered not only had she NOT cut the foreskin properly, she had not done a correct or complete job and the foreskin had now attached itself to the ridge of the penis, so basically my little guy has an abnormal looking penis which now needs to be re-done, a tricky surgery.

To this day I regret having him done, I still have guilt and nightmares over it 3 years later. Every time I changed his diaper I almost cried....and still now, to bathe him and see the mess they made, it kills me every time.

He is now 3 and complains of pain anytime we wash the genital area. I have yet to ever see him with an erection yet my 18 month old, uncircumcised boy gets them frequently. You can actually see the penis itself is partially pushed up and bent within the foreskin from this screw up.

Needless to say I dread the day I have to take him to have it repaired...and there is a 50% chance it will not be successful, they can damage the nerves and vessels during the surgery, but if I leave it, he can tear it away if and when he ever does get an erection, particularly the older he gets, as the penis becomes larger and stronger…that can also cause damage, maybe more so then a surgery.

My youngest is 18 months, and I did not get him done as I was afraid of the same thing happening but now he is “different” from the rest of the family. I worry about questions from him later as he gets older, feelings of being different. His father thinks he should be done. I just feel confused, concerned for my children.

Should I get him done when his brother is repaired? He already looks at his brother in the bath, and it’s almost like he can see the difference, the 3 year old says it’s different…what can I do?

What would you do? Has anyone else had this happen, with what ends up as a partial circumcision?

This also means they would both go under general anesthetic so at least I shouldn’t have to worry they would be in pain during the procedure.


Monica - posted on 11/25/2009




My youngest of 3 boys had kidney issues they found threw an ultra sound during my pregnancy. Because of that they would not preform a circumcision until he received clearance from a specialist. At 11 months of age he was finally cleared. They did the circumcision and they had to use a general anesthesia (putting him to sleep) and stitches to secure the foreskin. There was a lot of bruising. They even gave him tylenol with codine for pain. He was in a lot of pain.
My other 2 boys had it done at birth and no stitches or general anesthesia was need they used a local, also they did not bruise.
I wanted my youngest to have the circumcision so he would be "different" but after seeing the pain and bruises I regret doing it. The pain and bruising did go away but it did not make up for what I put him threw.
Its a very hard decision to make but as a mother I am sure you will do whats right for your son! Good Luck!!!

Jessica - posted on 11/28/2009




Oh Shayla poor sweetie pies, both of you! I'm not a medical professional, but if it is more dangerous to leave it then yes I would have it fixed, but by someone who knew what they were doing! Is there anyway you can report the person who did your son's circumcision? There has to be some kind of recompense, these days you could probably sue the doc/nurse or the practice for the price of corrective surgery and emotional damage or whatnot. I'd personally just be happy if they paid for the fix and I'd report them to BBB or something! Just so that they would fire the person, retrain or somehow improve their methods so this doesn't happen to another child by them!

Good luck sweetie in whatever you do, thankfully my son's was fairly undramatic and the people knew what they were doing.

Alicia - posted on 11/27/2009




Both of my sons are circumsized and they had a similar issue. At first, everything seemed normal with my oldest and we took care of him as we were told, using a little antibiotic cream, and such. At about 2 months, we noticed his penis looked like it was uncircumsized. We asked his doctor, who said he just had to "grow into it" and to keep gently pulling the skin back at each diaper change. I tried to explain that the foreskin was adhered to the tip, but she really didn't listen. Long story short, he is 3 years old now and it still looks the same. A specialist looked at it and said it would have to be done again if we wanted it to look "normal" otherwise we would just have to wait for it to loosen on its own, which he said was "not painful, just uncomfortable". His brother just turned 2 and he is the same way. We almost did not get him done because of what happened to his brother. We didn't think it would happen again. I pray everything works out for you. God Bless

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I've heard that it can be difficult to find someone to do an elective surgery like this for any reason other then medical. Your youngest may just stay "different" I agree with the mum that says to get your boy fixed before he gets older! A friend of mine had to have her 3 yr old circ'd due to medical reasons and it was very tough for him! Good luck getting your toddler's prob fixed, I wouldn't wait until it rips though!!! That'd be rough! Its silly to think that a circ wouldn't hurt! I watched my 2 be done and it is rough! The 1st one didn't seem to wait long after the shot before he started cutting and I know the look you're talking about!

Cara-Mae - posted on 11/25/2009




I posted my reply on your wall. re: your 3-year-old though -- that's horrible! But i would look at getting the issue repaired now while he is still young rather than waiting. *HUG*

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Sam - posted on 05/29/2014




Every year there are hundreds of innocent children are victims for Male Genital Mutilation(circumcision)
It is not healthy and it does not protect from HIV, actually higher HIV rate in Israel and New York than in China
Circumcision is dangerous surgery and NOT NECESSARY
Circumcision is serious change in body and it will change normal human into terrorist Muslim, evil Jew or psycho American, so please stop mess with body perfected over millions of years of evolution or stop mess with God's creation (if you believe he created us on his image)

[deleted account]

The pediatrician that performed my 2nd son's circ said that you have to pull the skin back to make sure it doesn't reattach while it is healing otherwise that may happen... :( Sorry to hear that, Alicia. The 1st Dr. didn't tell me w/my first either although everything turned out fine for him...

Margot - posted on 11/25/2009




I just had my newborn circumsized and I didn't experience any problems, he healed fast and is more clean. I also circumsized his older brother which he is now 2 and i have no complaints as well. I think the younger you do it the better.

Good Luck!!!

Brittany - posted on 11/25/2009




when i had my son i did have him circumsized. his dad and older brother both are so i figured i might as well. i luckily had no problems with it and it healed just fine. but my sister in law had a baby 3 months after me and for some reason they could not do it in the hospital, they said they would have to wait a few weeks for it to grow. if it were me, i would not be able to do it after i left the hospital. i could hear my baby crying clear across the hospital, and there is no way i could take him specifically to be put through the pain. but if you think it would be better to have it done for him then do it. you are the mom and you know what is best. just make sure to talk to your doctor and weigh all the options before making a decision.

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