Has anyone had a second c-section??? was it better second time round or the same?

Amy - posted on 06/14/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




With my 1st baby I have a ruff labor and ended up with a c-section it didnt go that well and i was in so muck pain for weeks, It has been 2 years and are now thinking about having a 2nd baby, I will deff go for another c-section and dont no what to expect will it be the same or eazyer 2nd time round. has anyone had there 2nd c-section and can u tell me was it better?? eazyer and was the recover faster??


Jennifer - posted on 11/10/2012




I feel like I should reply to the post that asks why women would have another c-section...My first child was a vaginal birth. I pushed and pushed and finally they had to use the "vacuum" to get her out. Turns out her head was in the 97th percentile. Anyway, I had a 4th degree tear (which is the worst degree you catn have). I had to have vaginal reconstructive surgery. They had to reconstruct a whole new urithra and recreate a vaginal wall to separate my vagina from my rectom (sorry to be so graphic but I feel it is important to explain). I had to have a super-pubic cathedar (one that comes out of your stomach, which kept leaking urine all over me) and a urithral cathedar while things healed. I had to wear the urithral cathedar for two weeks. Imagine having your area ripped to shreds with a cathedar hanging out and trying to breast-feed. Nightmarish. On top of that because of the extent of tearing (all the way past my rectom) and all the meds I had to take, I became extremely constipated. Trying to have a bm was like giving birth all over again. After almost 2 weeks of not being able to go which was incredibly painful, I decided to go to the ER where they had to "manually disimpact me". A term I had never heard of before and hope to never have to go through again. The pain and the smell of having 2 weeks of fecal matter removed was horrific, and encredibly humiliating. That has been six years ago, I still have pain with sex and feel like I am tearing open again every time I start my period . So this is why I had a c-section with my second (which the doctors STRONGLY HEAVILY suggested) and which is why I am having another c-section with my third. Both my babies came out perfect and I am so grateful for that. Hoping this third one comes out as great as the other two did!! I would never say go for a c section if you can do natural, but for a few of us having one is almost essential. K my graphic rant is over lol!

Michelle - posted on 07/17/2010




I have had 3 c sections. First 2 were not by choice and third was elective cause i'd obvioulsy had 2 before. My problem was just won't go into labour! tried for vbac with my 2nd but nothing happened! recovery wise 2nd was the easiest but i took alot more pain killers!! 3rd took a bit longer but to be expected has had 3 operations. I will say i would have loved to have had a natural birth but was not to be. Do look at your reasons for wanting a c section and if vbac is a possibility do at least consider it. Having c sections limits the amount of children you can have and they may be common but it is major surgery. Hope all goes well.

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with my first daughter i had an emergency c-section,my recovery was great i didnt even have to take my pain meds after the first day home.My second c-section however was a different story,while i was still in the hospital my fat started poking out between my staples and the doctor just tucked it back in and said it was fine. I was in a lot of pain and bleeding from my incision . When i went back in to get my staples removed i had a little fluid pocket needless to say an hour after my staples were removed i was back in the hospital because when i was getting out of the car at the health dep. to pick up my daughters birth certificate my incision busted open and all my fat or tissue whatever you want to call it was hanging out.Back through surgery again for the second time in a week. Both c-sections were performed by the same doctor. All i am trying to say is if i had it to do over i would definately consider a natural birth because there is no no way to know what is going to happen with a planned c-section anymore than you would with going natural.

Erin - posted on 07/10/2010




I've had two kids my first was a natural child birth and my second was an emergency c-section. I felt that I recovered easier and faster with the c-section. While I'm not a fan of the scar the rest I liked better. With natural birth its so hard to realize like which muscles are weak and it just feels so strange but with a c-section you know you're stomach is sore so you can adapt easier. I think if I have a third I will morethan likely have another c-section.

Karen - posted on 07/05/2010




I have had two, my first I was knocked out completly (was not comfortable with that) and my recovery was very fast and everything went fine. 2 1/2 years later, I had my second son by c-section and it was a completly different story. It took me two months to recover this time. Come to find out, my first they performed what they call a classical c-sec, which means the cut is straight across inside and out, my second one was a more advanced c-sec that cuts straight across on the ouside and up and down in the inside...big mistake for me! The pain was almost unbearable, and the down time was very long. Very hard with a toddler and a newborn (premie)...not to mention, my bladder was cut, and they had to go back in to tack it back amongest a rey of other issues. When this is done, you have no choice but to have on going c-sec's here on out with every delivery...or so thay told me.

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Rochelle - posted on 07/09/2010




Both ,y babies were c due to the fact that they were large babies. i have to say that they were both about equal! I had no problems and would recommed them to anyone

Liz - posted on 07/05/2010




For my first pregnancy, I had to have an emergency c-section with my twins. They are two now and I'm due with their little brother July 13th with a planned c-section. ( Vbacs arn't part of the policy at the hospital I'm delivering at).

Ann - posted on 07/05/2010




I have only had one baby, but my first pregnancy resulted in me having a hernia operation, they had too open up the c section scar again, i had no end of problems with it, infections and swelling even now it gets red and inflamed and my daughter is 2.

Its been explained to me that this might have been because i am overweight (14 stone) and had a overhang on my belly, best to ask the doctor or midwife what they think will be better for you medically.

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VBAC is not an option where I live, so my son was born via repeat c-section. It was a MUCH easier, faster recovery. Pretty much the only pain I had after the first couple of days was in my back due to them having some issues while trying to stick the needle.

I'm not sure how much of my better recovery was due to an easier pregnancy (singleton instead of twins), scheduled section instead of semi-emergency, less pain meds so I wasn't so loopy, or what. I do think that if you live someplace where VBAC's are an option that it is worth investigating, but either way... the most important thing is that the baby gets here safely. :)

Christy - posted on 07/05/2010




Because a ceserean is surgery with high-risks for both mom and baby along with a lot of healing time involved, I'm curious to know why you would want one. Many women who have c-sections for one birth go on to have natural births with future children. A natural birth is what your body is intended to do and is a lot better for you and baby (for both the hormones released by the body during the process and the healing time involved).

The best thing you can do for yourself, your body and your baby is gain a good understanding about labor and delivery and get a good provider who is comfortable with VBACS and has a good record of natural births.

Maybe google VBAC and see what you find as well as read Ina May''s Guide to Natural Childbirth which is an AMAZING book for letting you know what labor and delivery should really look like and some tools for making it easier on you. I also liked the movie the Business of Being Born which was very insightful on how the medical industry handles births and why c-section rates are so high in the US compared to the rest of the world.

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i had an emergency c section with my first with my second i had a c section and it was the same but less stress i knew i was having it and it wasnt that bad.

Christy - posted on 07/04/2010




I had 2 c sections 14 months apart and the second one was so much easier, b/c I knew what to expect. Just ask for more pain meds this time around, that's what I did as I was achy for about a week.

Jaime - posted on 06/15/2010




I just had my second C-section 6 weeks ago. I would say that the recovery was better this time around. I am back to normal and have already been fully cleared for all regular activity by my dr. I was slow moving the first 2-3 weeks, but definately up for being up and moving around. I did not go through hours of labor either time.

Farah - posted on 06/15/2010




It was a bit easier for me the second time, because like you I had a rough labor the first time before it was decided to give me a c-section. I was much more relaxed and rested the second time and I knew what to expect. I felt ready to get up and move around sooner.

Rachel - posted on 06/15/2010




I just had my second C-section in February and personally it was easier for me the second time around because my body wasnt so tired from the 36hrs of labor i had with my first. my recovery was pretty fast too just some tenderness in the incision for alittle while longer. Good luck

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