Has your toddler ever acted out in a store? What did you do?

Katherine - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Oh YEAH!!!! Queen of it. I started grabbing snacks lol. Opened them and shoved them in her little hands. What else could I do?????


Gemma - posted on 10/19/2012




People get embarrased at their children having a massive paddy in middle of the shop lol but thing is we all been thier,they all try it at some point.

Always said to my lil one walk nicely or in trolley simple so when she has been miss behaving she gone in and started a paddy. I've either left her to get on with it. She soon calm down 4get what she was maoning for or made her hold a pretend shopping list tell them what your looking for see if they can spot the items.

I have also took hour half shopping b4 as been going round pointing out all different things telling her what they were and what they 4.

Became a really good game and educational for her as she learning as we went round



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Gigi - posted on 11/10/2012




I also try to go in the shops only if my toddler is rested and fed. There are usually no problems then. However, if I need to do shopping and she is cranky, before we go into the shop I will tell her that i know she is tired/grumpy/etc, but that I would like her to help me do the shopping. I let her walk next to me and when we find an item we need she will "get it" and put it in the trolley/hand it to me. Once she gets "bored with that/aka gets close to meltdown" I will put her in the trolley and give her a comic book (we have special one that she only gets while shopping, one of those thick disney comics with lots of small pictures). That keeps her occupied for rest of the shopping. Once we are at the register she usually helps me put things out of the cart.

That said, it doesn't work every time and if she has a screaming fit in the middle of the store I will talk to her (trying to manage calm tone) and tell her that if she continues we will go home and I will come back alone to finish shopping. If it comes to that, later that day I will get ready to go back to the shop and I will again explain why I am going alone. Its horrible for me to leave her behind crying to come with me, but I found that if I don't follow through with what I said, following times at the shop are worse.

Beatrice - posted on 11/09/2012




I've had to take my daughter out of the store kicking and screaming but she knows the bottom line is she can come to the store with me but if she misbehaves, then we leave. Sometimes she understands this better in the moment than others but if I have to abandon shopping for the day, I will. No way am I gonna drag a screaming toddler around the store...there's no point. I can't even think straight and she has a tendency to throw herself onto the floor, so I would have to literally pick up her dead weight and carry her out!

That being said, prevention is key - it definitely helps if she is not hungry or tired.

Constance - posted on 11/05/2012




I usually will get eye level with her and tell her to cut it out. If she is being a real monster I will take her out of the store get her together and come back in.

Rachel - posted on 11/05/2012




People watch more how the MOM handles the tantrum than how the KID is behaving. My mother, who had six, always said, "If the child gets loud, then you stay in control and lower your voice. Talk quietly to him and you will have much more success than if you raise your voice to yell back at him. The mothers who do this are much more likely to be labeled bad mothers than the mothers who quietly deal with the tantrum." I have weekly experience with this, only in my case it is 'toddlers', plural, not singular. They don't even make shopping carts big enough to hold my children and my groceries. Thankfully, I have an 8 yr old who is big enough to help me push a second cart. He's my buddy and gets special treats for his help. The 3,2, & 1 yr. old pile in the other cart that I push. I do my dead level best to make sure that they all get NAPS and FOOD before we ever enter the store. My first stop is the family bathroom to do a diaper check/potty break. I let them each have a toy from home to play with, or load my purse with interesting 'busy' items that won't fall through the holes in the cart. But, inevitably, they get bored after awhile. SO...we sing happy songs or just be silly as we're walking along to keep them distracted. I find little ways to let them help or make a big to-do about each new section we're going to. "Okay, now we have to go find diapers! Where are they?" Sometimes I'm lucky and they don't pitch fits. But THEN there are THOSE DAYS, where all three of them seem to feed off each other and I have literally had to pull the cart over to a semi-private section(like the clothes racks) and just wait. Talking quietly to them, letting them know that when we get home they will be in trouble, or perhaps a treat that we had planned(i.e.McD's playland) won't happen if they don't quiet down immediately. Sometimes, I get all the way to the checkout with angelic children, but then their halos fall off in the checkout aisle's long wait. It's then that I either quickly buy or pull out a treat to just get them quietly through to the car. :)

Kerri - posted on 11/05/2012




I set the ground rules before hand that if she misbehaves that she will be punished once we get home (no cartoons, timeout chair, and no playing for a bit). This has helped me tremendously.

Ashley - posted on 10/11/2012




LOL!...i've done the same thing!...sometimes I just act like i don't hear him when hes screaming and jumping around,then people look at me like I'm crazy. So it's hard.

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