HELP!! 14month old won't nap.... just plays

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I'm a first time mom and my daughter will not nap. She's a VERY active child and will run and play and rip the house apart in under 5 mins but she will not nap even if she is clearly tired. She has never really been a super great napper but lately she will not nap at all. I rock her to sleep with a bottle of milk and then water until she is asleep, i put her in her crib, but the min her back hits the crib she wakes up in a full blown cry. And if i walk out of the room she sits in her crib and plays instead of sleeping for about 10 mins then start crying again until either I or her father go get her. And then she is cranky all day and she has completely given up afternoon naps. She sleeps great at night from 7:30pm-6am... I just dont know what to do


Sarah - posted on 04/24/2014




You have to let her learn how to self soothe. Right now she depends on you to put her to sleep and when she wakes up when you lay her down she does not know how to go back to sleep without you. I learned this with my oldest. A week of letting him cry it out and problem was solved. They will cry because it is different and they have to figure out how to soothe themselves. Once they figure it out they sleep great. Also at 14 months she should be off the bottle and only doing sippy cups and no milk before she sleeps..... This cause tooth decay and roots the teeth.

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