HELP... 15 month old Spasms of some sort or Night Terror??? Please help!!!!

Misty - posted on 05/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 month old let out a scream that made the hair on my neck stand up.... I ran to his bedroom and he was crying uncontrollably however no matter what I did I could not get him to wake up.... He was also making these involuntary movements with his legs and arms almost like a spasm of somesort... This lasted almost 15 minutes... He finally somewhat woke up, however it was like he was out of it... discombobulated. He went back to sleep very easily but now I am so worried... Should I take him to the hospital?

He has had three other spells like this when he was younger but I assumed he just had a bad dream, but tonight it truly scared me to death... If anyone can maybe give me some insight on what this may be I would be so appreciative!!


Nicola - posted on 05/18/2013




It's so hard to know which is why I would suggest that you go with your initial gut instinct to seek medical attention to rule out any medical condition.

My son at 8 weeks woke screaming and it turned out be be a hernia in his groin. It sounds different to what you describe because your little one is asleep at the time he screams which could be what you also suspect being night terrors.

I wouldn't be taking any risks with this one.
Aa mum of 3, if any of my littlies express a shrilling cry that sends my blood cold, I want to know why and how I can support them around whats happening for them. I wish I could give you advice but there's no handbook on these sorts of things. I think it's more a process of getting medical advice and going through the process of elimination until finding out what is wrong.

I wish you all the best.. Please update when you know what it is that's going on with your little one as id be really keen to hear what it is thats caused it.

Kindest Regards

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