help 19month old issues ?

Laura - posted on 06/13/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi all new to site,
Can any one please give me tip or advise please,
my son turned 19months this month. he only started to walk at 17months, he still wont eat solid foods he gags some time throws up, i have brought him to the Dr, and he had a x-ray which he is 100% , what can this be why ? ,, (i have a lot of questions) ... he does not talk only say mama . dada. aaahhh baba... he never points to objects yes sometimes he gives me eye contact when i call him but on a small scale .. out of 1-10 times about 2 times ? ,, i have in-law telling me theres something wrong with him and personally i am getting bored with this, as i spend my time with him and they see him once in a blue moon. so how can he "know" these ppl as the just expect to much from him and compare him to the grand daughter..
1. he is 3ft tall yes and 19months old he looks like a 3yr old and ppl dont understand that he is just 19 months old
2. plays happy by himself and me and hubby
dont have any other kids and i know no one in this town to get him to be more social
3. he wont eat foods or candy or sweets. < -- really
4. He shakes his head to sleep
5. he can dance to music and bubble away
6. but getting classed as have autism
i dont feel my son has any condition (hopefully) i do feel however he is behind in development by a few months.
sorry if my post seems shattered but he is screaming at me right now LOL ...

thank you for any comments and advise


Louise - posted on 06/13/2012




I think he is pretty normal. My son did not walk until he was 17 months either, this is not unusual in boys. The fact that he is tall is the problem here. People assume that he can do more than his age allows because of his height. I had the same problem with my son all of his primary school days and now the same problem with my daughter. All I can say is that my son is now 6 foot 4" and is at his third year of uni and my daughter is now 3.5 years old and did not really speak until she was 2 and now she is a chatter box and very bright.

The only issue you have is his chewing and this may be down to textures in his mouth. Give him lots of foods to explore with but sit with him at the table. Try things like rice pudding and scrambled eggs. See if he will tollerate them in his mouth and work from there.


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Christine - posted on 06/13/2012




my friend has the same problem with her son eatting soild food and her dr said its a texture thing with him, it might be the same with your son. my little one also gage on food when i 1st starte to feed her soilds but my dr said its common cause most babies arent use to chewing just sowllen food. my little one is 10 months and eats like a champ now. my dr said once you start doing something dont take steps back words. such as no more mush for her and she will learn to chew. you may want to look up a mommy and me class or see when the local library does kid reading of activey thats a good way to meet other moms.

Laura_ruddy - posted on 06/13/2012




the DR. is sending him for speech tep, because she feels with no cewing motion that his speech can be delayed but other than that ,, no further test of any kind ? .. So i think she thinks is fine like me ....

Erica - posted on 06/13/2012




If you have concerns you can contact your local Help Me Grow out of the health department and request an assesment of his development and they can further help you. Your his mom, you know him better than any one. What does your doctor think?

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