Help! intellegent 22month old is driving me bananas!! ♥

Samantha - posted on 12/06/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son Joey is nearly two, he is a cute and wonderufl child, very shy and super loving.
But he has an intellegence i havnt expierienced in my other three kids!

He has dismantled his cot, literally one side was opened and escapes! i love him and everything but i dont apreciate being woken up at two am being smacked in the face with his juice beaker looking for a drink! well the poor cot.. the gate was hanging, i have since fixed it, but i am in awe of him..started to take it apart again! he has mastered the stairs, yet you have to watch him ever step of the way of course. He takes apart his bottle or beakers and spills stuff all over the place lol. He likes his toys but is bored of them, i have new toys.. but meh he still isnt interested. He doesnt have much speech, is very observant and understannds everything you say! The health nurse gave out to me and said to encourage him to read more with books to encourage speech. So everything else he is doing is on par. He hates being dirty, clothes and face hands ect, he will get his nappy when he is dirty and i have to change him, or else he takes it off and throws the contents away from him lol. Some bad times. I need help! i cannot afford a new cot as we are well and truely broke, also with christmas... i play with him a lot as do his siblings. But without sounding offensive to my child..., he is so meddlesome! HELP! xx thanks is advancexxx


Marie - posted on 12/07/2010




I've had this problem in the past, although dd is getting much better at talking now. It was purely awful when she knew exactly what she was signing to us and I just wanted her to use her words etc etc.. She is also 'smarter than the average bear' and was starting to read words and sound them out before she had what I would have called a 'good vocabulary.' As she has gotten older I cannot take my eyes off her very long - she gets into everything, even things I thought were much too high or hard to open. Basically we trade off between Daddy and I and then collapse when she is finally asleep! They say it will get better once they are old enough to actually understand what is dangerous and why we are so worried.. but this in between stage, well.. it is exhausting!

Nikkole - posted on 12/06/2010




My son is 3 and he is the same except he can talk extremley well people think he is 4 or 5! But he can take things apart and he gets into everything! Instead of buying a new cot could you modify it like make it low to the ground no rails and just put a really tall gate on his bedroom door? we had to do that with our son


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Samantha - posted on 12/07/2010




Thanks so much i was beginning to feel like i was alone out there, everyone where i live looks at me like im bragging it is the opposite! Its great fun and i know what you are both saying exactly. He drinks from cups now and uses fork (not knives yet ok lol) . Yeah i will maybe mod the cot or make it into a cot bed? my oh is wonderful but useless at diy, me too lol. But i will give it a go, ill look up some safe designs or something. Its stressful at times as i have four kids in total, himself being the youngest. One of the boys are adhd effected, so it gets pretty intense! my oh works from mon to sun crazy hours, so im all alone all day most days. i Have friends but i think i noticed it more this week as I am snowed in and no school. the posts were great and v helpful. I thank you both. Its amazing watchin them figues everythin out eh?

love and laughter and blessings from Ireland

Jodi - posted on 12/06/2010




Sounds like the male version of my daughter to me! But her being my first, I guess it's just how it is for me and I never got used to anything less! My daughter doesn't get sippies anymore (because she too takes her apart), she gets kid size cups at meal times and asks for drinks from cups inbetween. She sleeps in a big girl bed because, she didn't learn how to "take apart" her crib, but she learned how to let the side bar down, so we put her in a big girl bed in her room with a gate. We have gates on the stairs and in the event that she gets the gate down (because she has a time or two) we have a child's rail attatchment to the regular rail on our stairs. We started potty training our daughter as soon as she started taking her diapers off and she took to it like a pro! We're still nto fully potty trained, but we have less than 2 accidents a day...some days...NONE! We bought her puzzles, it's challenging and she loves the challenge, she also loves toys like blocks, huge legos, and tinker toys (not advised for children under 3, but we're always watching) because there are SO many ways she can play with them. She is also a fan on disposable plastic cups...she loves to stack them, sort them by color, build towers etc etc. We do a LOT of painting and sensory type activities and LOADS of outside time. It can be challenging and frustrating sometimes, but like I said, I've never known anything different! She loves to help...load or unload the dishwasher, help put away groceries, sweep and hold the dustpan, give her a rag and she'll wipe down every surface in the house. So perhaps these are all things you could try with your son? Feel free to message with for any sensory activities, great books or what not! Best of luck!

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