Help!! Kids won't go to bed or stay in it

Johanna - posted on 12/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help!! My 2.5 and 3.5 year old won't lay in bed, won't stay in there bed, won't go to sleep.. I've had a gate on my 2.5 yr old bedroom but he climbs it. I try shutting both there doors and there both scared .. There both boys.. Please I never get any sleep anymore.. The only time they wanna go to bed is in my bed when I go to sleep, please help me


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yeah wow thats hard it takes time to do that id have to ask do you have a bed time routine? like i do with my two kids 10years and 1 year bath, teeth,bed book , and when my son was little the 10year old i did the same thing but he got older so i made him a CD of classic music you know soft no words like violins, flutes etc, and you can put it on like after dinner to get them ready and calm down lower the lights some ,, and take a few night nights but keep putting them back to be say in a soft voice its bed time baby or hun keep putting them back to bed some it will work might take a little bite it took me time but hang in there i know how you feel but again keep things quiet and NO TV 2 hours before bed i know that sounds weird but TV makes the mind work more and hips it up i dont watch tv either and i sleep better to haha

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