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Apeksha.Nishant.Gorle - posted on 12/15/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi ,
I have 2 yrs old daughter and now a days she has become very stubbon.when she is angry she is either hitting me or lying on the floor and crying ,,she is does not even come to me that time .Plz help me to llet go this habit!


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Meni - posted on 12/18/2014




My son was the same at that age. Don't worry she will change just try and ignore her tantrums. Because if you start screaming and yelling when's she throwing a tantrum you are feeding the tantrum. So I found its better if u just ignore them. Or ever giver her a hug and tell her u love her and u don't want her to cry. It worked for me he actually would calm down when I would say it's okay I love u and gave him a hug,

Michelle - posted on 12/17/2014




Welcome to the "terrible twos!" ;)

Seriously, though, children can be like that. The more attention you put on it, the more they will continue the behavior if they like the attention. As long as the child is in a safe area, just let her have her "tantrum" and ignore it. When she realizes that it isn't getting her anywhere, she will stop. That's when you can have a talk with her about what behavior you will (or won't) accept, and teach her how she should be expressing herself instead. Believe me, most of the time, it won't happen in one try or even overnight, but be consistent, and she will learn.

On the flip side, if you keep giving in to her behavior, she will also learn that is what she needs to do to get what she wants...

Good luck!

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