Help me with my son with potty training?

Janessa - posted on 09/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just turned 3 and Im trying to potty train him. I was told to put him in underwear and let him pee himself so he would not like the feeling and hopefully go in the toliet instead. He refuses to tell me he needs to pee when he is in underwear.. He crys and wants to go in the potty when he is in the diaper.. He will go to the toliet on his own but does nothing.. I dont know what to do??


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Jen - posted on 09/03/2012




I used to always think my kids would be trained at 2 and a half at the latest, and I thought how hard can it be, repetition is all it takes, right? HA! My step son got a lot of opportunities, and we always let him sit on the potty if he asked, we offered and suggested it from time to time, but we didn't drill him. About 2 months after he turned 3, he said "Mommy, I wanna pee in the big boy potty." His mom put him on it, sure enough he did. Then, when he was at our house, he was doing the same thing, but he wanted to do it like dad standing up. The kid's had one or two accidents since, and he's almost 5. (Well, one or two at our house. I'm not 100% sure about at his mom's, but I think only one I remember hearing about specifically) and his night time potty training came only a month or so later - for that we used the pullups where the picture disappears when it gets wet. In the morning, we paid attention to whether he wet at night or not - we stopped giving drinks after dinner - and after he had a dry pullup for about a week straight, we started doing underwear.

The point here is this - my twins just turned two, and we've done introductions to the potty, we've done full days in undies, we've done time intervals... Nothing will fall into place unless they are ready. That's the long and short of it. If they're not ready to commit to it, they may do it once or twice, for a day or two days, and then quit. It's like trying to change your lifestyle (diet, quitting smoking, etc) there is just so much to be said for doing something for yourself because you are ready to and not doing it just because someone else tells you that you should. It will click, and boy do I know (especially with twins) that diapers are spendy and diapered kids can be more of a hassle at times than potty trained kiddos, but it will click and when it does you'll probably find it to be a piece of cake. :)

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