help my nephew throws up food he doesnt like

Amy - posted on 02/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I help take care of my nephew i have him for nights because his mom works nights and goes to school during the day. Recently if ttheir is a food he doesn't like he gags and will throw up,i don't know weather just not to give him the food or keep giving it to him and have him throw up the food????


Cecilia - posted on 02/07/2013




I will tell you this, he doesn't mean to do it. I had the same problem with some foods when i was little. If it really does bother you simply give him the choice to eat or don't. Believe me he will just go hungry. It really isn't him trying to test you. If anything he is gagging and throwing up because he is trying to eat it for you.

He might be what is called a super taster. Goggle it and see if it fits. Super tasters in general have more taste buds. It's an old gene left over from being cavemen. It kept us from eating food that wasn't good for us and that typically meant bitter foods. You can buy a test strip to test him for it. Normal taste buds lick this strip and taste nothing. Super tasters do.

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